The Castro Under Curfew

June 2, 2020

June 1, 2020: Video from my smartphone…voice in the background is Gov. Newsom.

A Taste of Things to Come

April 27, 2020

So I looked out my window this morning, and saw a well dressed young man with a plastic Walgreens shopping bag in each hand walking down the sidewalk across the street…and he kicked to the ground three garbage bins: one green, one blue, one black. He then walked on, leaving trash spewed along the curb. An elderly man with a walker who passed by when this happened, turned around to cuss him out. So I thought:

“He’s obviously housed, but this will be blamed on the homeless. I wonder how many other people with a roof over their heads may be doing this, to stir up further hatred against those who live on the streets?

“How many other groups will be targeted as the frustration of lockdown mounts…such as baby boomers like me, people of color, LGBTs and so forth? People queu up by the restaurant next to my apartment building, and some block the front gate and act rude when I step out or back in, instead of keeping the line along the curb. They’re young, and I’m obviously a ‘boomer.'”

One fellow who was leaning on the gate, got snarky with me when I told him the red-tape square with a big X in the middle in front of the entryway is to remind customers to not obstruct residents’ passage. Then a 30-something, chunky black gal who was standing in the middle of the sidewalk instead of by the curb blurted out I’m not wearing a mask. So I corrected her, that it’s fine to be outdoors without a mask, so long as you keep your distance…and besides, she should not be standing in the middle of the walkway diddling on her smartphone, making it impossible for pedestrians to walk by safely. She said nothing further, but just glared at me with rancor…all the more prominent thanks to the perky floral mask covering the lower half of her face.

“Enjoy your death burger!” I called while closing the gate behind me.

There are more angry men sauntering up and down the sidewalks, than I’ve ever seen before. They are also mostly homeless. And you really want to avoid them, if at all possible (which it usually is not), considering they just might lash out violently. Some muttering threats…some screaming them. Also, packs of skinny, white teenage males who live in nice homes, overrunning the sidewalks on their skateboards, acting like punks, like they own the turf…and you have to jump out of the way.

After looking out my window to see that fellow kung-fu kicking the trash bins, a bus rolled by with this ad plastered on the side:

“One Medical: See a doctor same day, not some day.”

And, being a low income person with no access to decent medical services, I thought:

“What a kick in the teeth. Let it all collapse, let the smug affluent of this city taste the gray rainbow of poverty.”

And that, my friends, is a taste of things to come.

Covid Gelato

April 6, 2020

Capitalizing on the pandemic!

Police Activity Below My Window

February 8, 2020

February 6, 2020: Flurry of cops around my building here in the Castro. Don’t know what it was about, but there was a surprising number of skateboarders all dressed in black pants and hoodies, racing down the sidewalk a few minutes earlier, when I was outside. I had to jump away to keep from getting hit. When I returned to my apartment, I heard a continuous stream of skateboarders, then two young ladies screeching in the middle of the street, around the streetcar island. I saw a man filming them with his smartphone, and they kept moving away from him, threatening him all the while, sometimes punching him. Upon one punch, his smartphone was knocked out of his hand, but he quickly retrieved it. As I watched from my window, he called the cops and very quickly, they showed up…then a whole passel of ’em showed up. The two ladies ran down the street, but they got arrested anyway. And that’s all I know.

Fi-Di Sunshine & Transit

April 12, 2018

A happy, free-spirited denizen soaking up the sun in San Franicisco’s gorgeous Financial District, shimmering with glass and metal to the clouds and beyond!

Riding one of San Francisco’s signature streetcars, on my way downtown. Spectacularly drab: an eyesore to tourists, residents and working drones alike! The 3rd world never had it so good.

Fi-Di Poppins

March 21, 2018

Mary Poppins is homeless, too? Well, maybe not homeless, but certainly desperate…she can’t even carry a tune any more. Hard times for everyone, I guess. Or maybe that’s Julie Andrews…or a cross between the two. Whatever, it’s still another Fi-Di treat to delight tourists and rush-hour drones, alike. I am so stoked…let it go, let it go, let it go!

2 Fi-Di Videos

March 15, 2018

One of the lovely scenes bestowed upon strollers of San Francisco’s amazing financial District, a.k.a. “Fi-Di.” Which reminds me of one of SF’s most horrible mayors, who brought Manhattanization to this once-fair city: Dianne Feinstein…”Di-Fi.” BTW, her husband is a notorious SF slumlord.

Ah, yes, the sweet, sultry music of a transient musician that graces one’s ears while standing amid a throng of office workers, janitors and other assorted boot lickers scurrying off to their lonely, high rent cells to spend another evening of despair, isolation and cheap to-go dinners. See how the musician locks onto my eyes, once he notices me filming him…a standard, streetwise gimmick to guilt passersby into tossing some bills into the cup…or hat, or tin can, or wilted cardboard box.

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