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June 10, 2019

Below is a link to an audio file of a comment I recently posted to a Mendocino community mailing list. As read by one Marco McClean, radio host of “Memo of the Air” on KNYO and KMEC. Followed by a Ted Talk on the same theme. My rant is just under 3 minutes, the rest is the Ted talk…total: 17 minutes. Click on the clown to get going:

Richard Dawkins’ Mistake

January 19, 2014

The error in Dawkin’s declaration (and that of Einstein)–and it’s a glaring one IMHO–is that they assume the only reason God-believers do good is fear of punishment. But this is dogma arising solely from fundamentalist churches (or “low churches” as they call them in England). And is true only among certain churches that profess hell’s existence. While other churches do /not/ believe in hell, there are many alternative religions and God-beliefs that do not either.

Such as my view that doing good is a great /joy/; but wicked behavior will /not/ condemn a person to hell except perhaps as a judgment of conscience which will last for a period of time, not eternity. As the Buddha says: “Heaven and hell are a state of mind.” I believe in a creator as “universal mind” in a very gay-shamanistic sort of way. Belief in God, Mr. Dawkins, does not automatically mean you also believe in an eternal hell, or punishment by a harsh deity.

I can think of myriad reasons for atheists to /not/ believe in God, that are far more intelligently reasoned out than the quote shown above. I am–to put it mildly–astonished at such a poorly thought out rationale for your atheism. Much to my disappointment, I might add, as such a poorly rendered justification gives those homophobic fundamentalist preachers the perfect rebuttal. For additional information on my perspective on creation, see:

“NeoPositivity, a Gay Religion”

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