The Castro Sucks

January 25, 2013

So this notice from The City just appeared on the ground floor elevator of my apartment building (click on image for a larger view):

In a nutshell, here is the horrid announcement:

The Department of Public Works (DPW) will be making roadway renovations on Market Street between Castro and Guerrero staring at 9pm the night of Sunday, January 27th through February 8th, 2013.

Our crews will be grinding and paving the heaved area at the median as well as replacing sidewalk and curb damaged by tree roots.


– This work will occur at night…

Duration: 2-weeks (Sun-Sat)

Work Hours:
9PM – 6AM

This is beyond nuisance: this is a serious health hazard to those residents who live along Market Street, in that designated stretch. So: jackhammers, steamrollers and asphalt pounders will rule the night for two nightmarish weeks…from 9pm until 6am. I guess San Franshitsco severely hates its Market Street residents, and wants to remind us all, what a bunch of losers we are, who are not affluent enough to afford nice apartments on quiet side streets.

God forbid they should repair these streets during the daytime. How dare we residents possess the arrogance to believe we have the right to peaceful habitation, simply because we don’t have millions to toss around, and temporarily rent a fancy hotel suite.

What if I suffer a stroke, heart attack, or some other grave illness as a result? At 62, this is all too possible when one considers this bombardment to our ears will go on for two weeks! Can I sue The City? Of course not: they’re totally immune to the peoples’ plea…at least, when it comes to the lower income peons.

I once had a friend’s place to visit in Cole Valley, for those times I needed to get away from such outbursts of monstrous howls, screeches and explosions so prevalent in the Castro. But that ended eleven years ago. I am, however, desperate enough to consider sleeping out in some other neighborhood, as if I were homeless. Though knowing my sleep habits, I doubt I could get a single wink. Not to mention the possibility of being driven out by the locals, or even getting arrested.

And this, right in the middle of publishing my book and working with my illustrator. Which makes this process incredibly painful (like a bullet wound or car accident), when there really should be no cause for such exhausting trauma. I really don’t understand how those with jobs in my building, could ever manage to perform their daily obligations.

Now, just two nights ago I went through a rather mean confrontation with some homophobic speed freak who stalked me for four blocks. He knows where I live ’cause he’s seen me come and go from my building, and is probably encouraged by some other homophobes in the Castro.
Which (I might add) is inundated by redneck types who think it’s God’s Great Will to terrorize and bash gay people.

It is far from difficult to discover where I live, by anyone who cares to find out, and use this info to harass me. Believe me, I’ve been through this before: creepy punks buzzing my apartment late at night, leaving threats on my answering machine. Which, of course, also wrecks my ability to get a good night’s sleep.

So I’m still all pent up and pissed over this not-uncommon (for the neighborhood) harassment. Last thing I need, is The City deciding I have no choice but to soon be tormented by unbearable noise pollution for not just several days or a week…but for fourteen unholy nights!

Which also means I can’t enjoy the company of a good friend or two for these nights, in order to ease my difficulties. Friends, sanity, quiet: all stripped away by a ruthless bureaucracy that cares only for tourists and uber-wealthy residents.

So, full of steam, I barrel on down to Walgreens to purchase some sundries. The moment I enter, some black lady pushes her stinky shopping cart behind me while screaming about judgment day, and how all the gays are gonna go to hell. No one acted like they heard a word she spoke, except for yours truly.

I turned around to stop her, and said: “Please stop screaming in our gay neighborhood. Your fundamentalist dogma is evil, unappreciated, and gays are sick of it. Show respect and quiet down. Also, please don’t drag your shopping cart inside; it’s not legal.”

Well, she stared up at me with a tight jaw and declared: “I was talking to my African American boyfriend. Stay out of this.”

Wow, there was no one around, but I realized her label “African American” was to set me up for a racist. I persisted, in a rather loud tone that the entire store could hear:

“Get the fuck outta here. If you can’t respect gay people, there are plenty of hetero areas you can go to. Leave now, with your shopping cart!”

She pushed the cart against my thighs and hollered: “Don’t touch my possessions or I’ll call the cops!”

Then some 40-something gay guy (probably wealthy and a home owner) stepped up to me and called me a bigot. So I replied:

“Fuck you, you goon. You know nothing about the Castro, probably been here less than three years, and all you care about is booze, money and fucking. What do you care about gay rights? Do you really want to defend homophobes spewing religious dogma? Why don’t you join me and drive this piece of feces out of our ‘hood? Who cares if she’s black and female? She’s an infiltrator.”

The queer goon walked out the door, and called me a “stupid goon.” I retorted:

“Better a stupid goon than a willful conspirator to crap on gay neighborhoods! Empower the homophobes is your game!”

The Walgreens employees remained silent, as if nothing unusual was happening. So I spoke to one of them:

“You shouldn’t allow homeless shopping carts in here, that’s part of the problem. You also let dogs in, even though it’s against the law. Any shops that sell food on shelves are not permitted to let dogs enter.” (I was thinking here of this ginormous rottweiler who, some years ago, ran up an aisle unleashed, and suddenly shoved its nose up my crotch. I hollered vitriol at the owner, until he finally pulled the cur away. He called me “insensitive,” and claimed his dog was well trained. Right at that moment an employee approached and told me to calm down. “Calm down?” I declared, “Why the fuck aren’t you getting this goon outta here?” This goon, BTW, was gay. Again, probably an affluent home owner.)

Then some homely dyke w/pocked face and a wool beanie who stood at the cash register nearest me, chimed in: “You’re a bigot and a racist. Leave the lady alone!”

I confronted her: “You’re a clueless lesbian who’s only been here two or three years, yet thinks she knows everything about what’s going on in the Castro. Do you really like crazy homophobes screaming up and down our streets, our stores and in our parks? Why on earth don’t you join me and drive this trash from our neighborhood?”

Then the skank with her odiferous cart spoke out: “I worked for Harvey Milk.”

“So what?” I replied. “He was a sellout to the conservative faction, and dumped all his liberal and left-wing supporters…most of whom were low income.” Then as an afterthought, added:

“I don’t believe you anyway. You’re a big, fat phony.”

The self-righteous lesbian began to exit as she exclaimed: “You’re an idiot, a bigot!”

“Oh yeah, right,” I hollered back before she disappeared into the alcohol-and-meth-laden night, “I’ve only been here since 1973, and have struggled to help my homeless gay brothers from all this street homophobia. What do you care? You got money, this is all just a playground for you, until you move on in a year or two.”

I was so fed up at this point, I dropped my few items intended for purchase on the counter, and walked out in a huff. Then meandered over to Zapata’s Taqueria for a meal. God help anyone who attempted to enter the restaurant with a shopping cart!

Fortunately (for them) no one did. So I finished most of my meal (I was too upset to finish the entire dish), and marched on home to my grubby hovel.

It is so easy to spot most of the homophobes on our streets: they are usually very scruffy and scary looking, with unkempt beards, like an army of Snuffy Smiths. Redneck for days!

Gay people are a joke to them, and the reason they flood gay precincts, is that too many of us are overly liberal (that is: “bleeding hearts”), and care not to realize that the homeless are divided into two distinct camps:

Homophobes and gays (and some gay-friendly). My goal is to network the gay street folks, empower them to find some way to drive out these disgusting ‘phobes…which would thus make the Castro far safer for all gay residents and tourists. And hopefully, inspire a foundation to house these excellent LGBT street waifs.

Why do so many gays and San Franciscans act so clueless as to this imminent horror? Which horror could easily lead to a redneck encampment where all of the Castro becomes one, big Grand Ol’ Opry, where no one remembers what the fuck a homosexual is? Well, I have the answer:

San Francisco is infested with a nihilistic cult, one branch of which is populated by self-hating gays. They walk around, hand money and other kinds of support, to these evil gay bashers. You can see elderly queers handing out 10 and 20 dollar bills to one especially nasty creep named Dane.

While he is gay, he’s a mutthuh fukkah of the worst sort. He harrases gay visitors (particularly the elderly), and stands outside the Castro Theater hollering all sorts of anti-gay, anti-Semitic and racist epithets. Yet folks standing in line ignore him, as if nothing serious was really going on. I remember one time some years back, during the theater’s Jewish Film Festival, how Dane screamed all evening about how the Jews deserved Hitler, and they should all be cremated again, to cleanse America.

If only, like me, they’d confront such bastards, and drive them outta Dodge. But no, it’s as if they desire to have him remain, to make the Castro a very unpleasant neighborhood to visit.

Why these geriatric queers shower him with money is beyond me. He is not the least bit attractive, is clothed in filth, and looks like he just crawled out of a sewer. In fact, one year ago I saw him with a well dressed and attractive gay man at Mollie Stone’s supermarket. WTF? Why on earth would such a seemingly decent queer associate with the likes of Dane? The dude is certainly good looking enough, and with considerable finances, that he could have just about any guy he wants, who is much more handsome and considerate than this poor excuse for a human.

The only answer I come up with is: The Cult.

I am thinking that this imminent noise pollution on Market Street is a design of this cult, to wear me (and other good folks) down, and even explode in frustration. Because they certainly know all about me (I’ve been here for many years at the same location; thus easily found out and sabotaged.) BTW, my expose of this cult was published on my web site way back in 2007. Entitled “Friendly Ghost Detective Agency.”

I’m not saying that the ultimate conclusion is that one is surrounded by enemies…for there is one higher level of a spiritual outcome: “We have no enemies, only teachers.”

Thus, I do realize that I am being challenged and tested to grow stronger. However, it looks to be a Monstrous Passage that I am about to go through, which I could have never foreseen. Nor does it mean I should not seek a peaceful place to sleep, till it all blows over. Though as luck would have it, I doubt this fortunate solution will manifest.

Ever since a couple weeks before Xmas, my life has been this rollicking roller coaster ride: one day, great things occur…another day, horrible things. And it looks to be ongoing for some time further.

I am really, really, really, really exhausted and burnt out. Wish I had the resources to move away. But alas, I do not. *sigh*

Capture Those Bazongas!

April 29, 2010

Now, see? That’s exactly what I mean about you heterocentric cavemen! Using the female form to sell any product whatsoever, under the Sun and Even Elsewhere. This is a perverted way to think of Our Fairer Sex (whether straight or queer), 51% of our species Homo Sapiens…that is: The Not-So-Silent-Anymore Majority! These ads encourage a most ugly image of all women–every single female on the planet including generations as yet unborn–as whores, prostitutes for Amerikan Kapitalistic Dogma.

Now just look at that floozy advertisement: which a few frames I managed to grab off the Maximumedge (webmail) logout page. The actual ad is probably 10 or more different frames. (I first attempted to download it with the usual r-click, but alas it failed.)

Here we have your stereotype blonde bimbo, flashing her breasts up and down in a most voluptuous manner, while a dirty old man’s hand grabs hopefully at the Treasure Chest. The heart icon itself is simply a distraction to trick you into perceiving the ad as “innocent”. Or, more than likely, to give you the perfect excuse should you be questioned as to why you were smiling at the Cyber Siren. And should anyone really challenge you, you’d simply say: “Oh you’re making too much of this!”

What gives it away for me, is that hand. Not a young man’s hand by any means. Nope, it’s not even a hand possessing flesh. It is the hand of a skeleton. It may even be the hand of the Grim Reaper Himself! (Probably isn’t, but it may as well be, when one considers the karmic implications of this bitty bawdy babolicious blinking booby banner. Someone must have sold his soul to come up with such an ad. Indeed! They’re a penny a dozen.)

But is this not morally corrupt to regard any human being as solely (or most importantly) as a sex object? It would seem such objectification in a hard-core commercialized society (as Amerika has become), gives major influence towards male inspiration to intimidate, terrorize, bash, and rape, Our Better Half, The Feminine Majority.

This is beyond bad taste. This is brutal.

This is my gift for Mother’s Day 2010: My Salute To Women’s Suffrage and Lesbian Pride.

(Click on the misogynistic animation above to go to a much better place.)

The Eternal Wound

April 6, 2010

My comments as “HoboHomo” (and a kind response) from article about
Christian fundamentalist dogma on, a progressive message board:

Subject: Homophobia: Our Achilles Heel
Posted by: HoboHomo on Mar 30, 2009 9:23 PM

The universal hatred of gay people by most religious and even non-religous societies has provided an eternally-open wound by which those in power can control and decimate all others.

When all sorts of people composing a MAJORITY of the culture, rabidly partake in the persecution of gays (or any other group, but homosexuals have been the chosen scapegoat for at least a millenium), society constructs its own DE-construction, and begins to experience the very terror they’ve so gleefully spawned upon the non-hetero minority.

In your own ignorance, you did not see this coming. It is not too late, IF and ONLY if, enough citizens aggressively resist homophobia and create laws and sanctions of ZERO TOLERANCE against gay bashing.

Otherwise, enjoy the hell you’ve created by your own demonic thoughts, if not outright actions.

Subject: MCC has the “jesus” domain name.
Posted by: Bliss Doubt on Mar 31, 2009 9:15 AM

HoboHomo, my feeling is that christianity is so dysfunctional and mixed up, and has so much bad baggage in the inquisition, witch hunts, crusades, holy wars, the oppression of third world people by missionaries who have insisted that native peoples were savage heathen, gay bashing, right wing political intrigue, that I wouldn’t want them, and don’t feel left out by not belonging to one of their churches. I found my spiritual path in the 80’s when I began hearing about the Goddess.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I’d point out that no particular cult of organized christianity owns Jesus. One of the official statements of Metropolitan Community Churches is “homosexuality, not a sin, not a sickness”.

I was touched by the pain of a friend who died just over a year ago. In his last years on this planet, I think he knew he was going to die young. He’d been raised Catholic, and as a gay man felt rejected by God. He lived his last years in search of answers about pain in this life, about the validity of one’s identity, about higher power that you can lean on, our responsibility to each other and to God, and whether or not God really takes an interest in us. He died without finding his answers.

RE: MCC has the “jesus” domain name.
Posted by: HoboHomo on Mar 31, 2009 12:17 PM

HoboHomo, my feeling is that christianity is so dysfunctional and mixed up

Everything you said: so true! Do you know that when missionaries reached Alaska, their depraved teaching drove many Inuit people insane? That’s because being told they were sinners by nature caused a severe psychosis of depression, a disconnect with their creator who is most beloved in their native worldview. They couldn’t imagine being in any way, so intrinsically offensive to their God, it broke their spirit!

Many indigenous societies were most accepting of alternative sexual inclinations, and found ways to incorporate that into their culture in loving, rational ways. But–thanks to the dogma of Christianity–they now are violent gay bashers even when otherwise getting back to their roots. They may reject the distorted overlay of a conquering culture (for the most part), but maintain one of its worst influences: homophobia.

I found my spiritual path in the 80’s when I began hearing about the Goddess.

I am essentially a Pagan myself…more specifically, an animist, which is one who believes all that exists (even a rock) is imbued with universal consciousness. My paganist ideas are obvious in my tales, poems and essays that you can read on my web site or blog.

One of the official statements of Metropolitan Community Churches is “homosexuality, not a sin, not a sickness”.

While I have found little personal reward in joining gay-friendly churches (and believe me I’ve tried) due to the overall conservatism that has sadly become part of gay society…I believe that reclaiming Christianity on their own terms is a most important and effective political maneuver. That is why I’ve dedicated my own activism towards reinterpreting religious mythos on behalf of sexual minorities. My web site is entitled The Final Testament (or “Faggot Bible”), which you may visit here:

Bemusedly, I didn’t realize until several years after naming my web site, that “Final Testament” is also the pet name Muslims give to their own bible, the Q’uran. :D

On my home page is a link to my “zekeblog”, where my most recent writings and activities are recorded for anyone interested.

I was touched by the pain of a friend who died just over a year ago.

Thank you so much for being his friend; that will bless you the rest of your life. I believe that gay people have a spiritual destiny above and beyond the average hetero person…and that we walk Christ’s path more closely than any other group…as implied by our long and noble history of persecution and humiliation. It is our (gay) destiny to bring the world into a better existence, by example and long-suffering.

And it is meant to be a total surprise for most.

Thank you, Bliss Doubt, for a MOST thoughtful comment. I consider you a true friend on this bumpy road we call life. May the Great Spirit bless you this day, with a sign that brings joy.

The Origin Of Evil

March 15, 2010

Once upon a time–long long before Adam & Steve were created–Jehovah realized that the universe could never be complete without something called “evil”. He tried to explain this to the Host of Angels (his only companions at that early time; though numbering in the hundreds), but they were all confused and aghast at this shocking concept. All that is, but one: Lucifer. When the Big Cheese saw that only Little Lucy was not aghast (but simply confused) he called him into his inner chamber, where they could be alone. (Archangel Gaybriel served them each a pot of lavender tea before departing behind the curtains.)

Hey Little Buddy,” declares the Good Master, “why aren’t you also shocked by my proclamation?” To which Lucky replies: “My Father, of course I am confused, but I’d never be judging you. After all, you’re our Creator…so even if I don’t comprehend one of your decisions, I still trust you. I could never conceive of you ever doing any wrong…even though this is the FIRST TIME I have become perplexed by anything you’ve ever said or done.

Jehovah contemplatively sips his tea, then leans forward. “You don’t really grasp what evil is all about, do you?

Of course not.” shrugs Lucifer, “This is the first time I’ve ever heard of such a thing. And it does what, you say? Distorts truth and makes intelligent beings feel bad, and do wrong?

Why don’t I give you a visual?” resolves YHVH, who then projects a holographic scene that hovers between the two.

Therein, Lucifer witnesses the awesome advent of evil upon a newly created species called “man”. Wherein Lucifer weeps for the first time, some sparkly tears dropping into the teacup (which by the way is the primal origin of the Holy Grail). Lucy dries his eyes with the hem of his sleeve, and exclaims, “Oh, my father, what terrible betrayal. How could you wish such forces unleashed in any universe? But I can only trust your decisions, and offer to serve you in this outcome, as best I can. For as much as I abhor this new energy entering the cosmos, that you call ‘evil’…I also understand that it is a necessary process in spiritual evolution towards perfection. That without any evil in this world, humans would never be challenged to become the true hero that dwells within each and every soul.” Lucifer then takes a deep breath and sets down his cup. “Okay, Dad. How can I help you in this terrible mission?

So with great sorrow and pride, Jehovah requests that Lucifer play the role of Master of Evil. This time around, Lucy is indeed terribly shocked, and lowers his head in shame and sorrow for some moments; then looks up and into the eyes of His Father, to say: “I will do this, only because if I didn’t, you’d be alone to carry this out. I wish to relieve your burdens as much as possible. For I do love you much!

Jehovah took him up into his strong arms. “You are the only one of my angels who has never lacked in any way, complete faith in my plans. For that, I make you The Devil Himself, that you may tempt man to go astray. And in so tempting, each is offered the chance to resist temptation, and become a hero in overthrowing your seductions. You will be vilified, scapegoated, and ultimately despised by all but a few wise folks. Indeed, not until the end of this First Cycle of Creation, will the wrongs against you be righted, and will you be celebrated as My Most Beloved First Born.

Having agreed to be partners in this Great Mission, Lucifer calls together a meeting of all the angels, and presents his case: to usurp the Creator and run the show ourselves. He is very persuasive, thanks to a gilded tongue, and manages to convince a third of the angelic host. War breaks out. So Lucifer dutifully plays out his incredible roles through history, including one of his “time out” past lives, where he is willfully sacrificed on a cross, to reaffirm his total devotion to One who asked of him this awesome responsibility. For with every seduction, Lucky always prays in his heart that you won’t be tempted.


Evil is a necessary evil.

And if you really love your enemy, then one must also find
a way to love, and forgive, the Ultimate Enemy.

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