Baked Alaskan

May 31, 2016

Two Facebook conversations that occurred in late May 2016, covering two issues: sexual minority rights and the impoverished disabled. Names have been changed to protect me from Cornholio revenge.

Dialog #1: in which Mr. Arcauld, a gay Alaskan retiree, posted a video of some historic event that occurred several decades earlier. What that event was, I forget, but it’s not important to the context herein.

Zeke Krahlin: Historical moments can take on new, and even astounding, insights upon retrospect. I intend to keep that in mind while starving to death for the crime of being gay in a FEMA relocation camp.

Manny Arcauld: Get off the pity pot.

Zeke Krahlin: I’m too poor to even have a pity pot to piss in. Count your blessings that you’re not. In fact, I’m sure you’ve created some stunning stained glass pieces to embellish them…and sold them for a tidy profit.

Manny Arcauld: Sorry you’re so bitter.

Zeke Krahlin: I’m sorry you’re so humorless. Interpreting what is really just a joke (“black humor” in my case), as bitterness, says more about the critic, than the jester. I am definitely an anomaly here on FB, since most poor folks can’t afford to even participate online. And it does make a lot of people here very uncomfortable. Should I apologize for that? BTW, do you have any custom made pity pots on sale, right now…and do you take food stamps?

Zeke Krahlin: As a matter of fact, Manny, considering that I’ve been on Soc. Sec. Disability for most of my life, with inferior health care even during the best of times, and now that expanded Medicaid has arrived in CA, Medi-Cal wants to charge me a whopping $518 monthly share of cost (meaning I can’t afford /any/ health care whatsoever, my teeth are now falling out and I’m slowly going blind, and whatever else happens to me such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc., I must endure as if this were the 19th century)…I think I’m doing damned fantastic, what with keeping a robust sense of humor and all! And still writing incredible tales, many of them quite funny and dedicated to lightening the hearts of troubled LGBT’s around the world who shall /never/ taste of the comforts and luxuries you seem to take for granted, nor even what limited comforts I still have before the inevitable occurs: homelessness.

In fact, every gay person on the planet should celebrate my existence, for all the sacrifices I have made over several decades (a large part of which are my tales, poems and essays freely distributed across the planet), while you and other privileged queers suck on the teat of prosperity with little thought of your less fortunate gay brothers. I know you’re not a Log Cabin Republican, but you do seem to harbor some rather elitist and RW notions, as most recently displayed by your snarky remarks back to me, herein. So I say “shame on you” for not even lifting a single dollar to buy my book or broadcast my excellent activist writings to others. What have /you/ got to lose, my friend? Regardless of the /many/ gay people who mock me, put me down, and gossip ugly things about me, I continue to press forward with my tales and online and street activism for as long as I am capable. And you shall continue posting pics of your delectable feasts here and there across the Alaskan frontier, growing more and more plump along the way. And, eventually, we shall both die…one before the other, though I don’t know who’ll be first. Most likely myself, seeing as I don’t see /how/ I will possibly live more than two or three years from now, with virtually no preventative care whatsoever.

Regardless, one thing I’m certainly /not/ is “bitter.” And I resent your forcing such a notion about yours truly. I nonetheless remain an optimistic person, mostly happy. Obviously, most FB denizens are reasonably affluent, and would rather have poor folks like me stay outta this venue, or at least “stfu.” (One of my callings as an activist is, of course, to be a thorn in the side of those who are comfortable in their middle class bubble…in particular, those spoiled brats in our own LGBT family.) I don’t know many people could do that, under my ridiculously difficult circumstances. Instead of making false accusations about me, don’t you think it would reflect much better on your own nature, to congratulate my efforts under such duress? This is why I avoided seeing you when you visited San Francisco, as I sensed your snobbish elitism, which company I prefer to avoid. Hard enough to do in this uber affluent city, w/o another swooping down into my neighborhood to sip a little nectar before returning home once more. (You are like a little kid still trying to impress his mommy at what a success he’s turned out to be…only you project this to everyone around you now, every chance you get…like they are maternal surrogates.) Perhaps you are drunk right now, and will regret what you’ve posted by tomorrow morn. Whatever. If anyone deserves pity, it is you. (Oh yeah, and thanks for providing me with a perfect opportunity to vent…from which I gained tremendous satisfaction.)

Dialog #2: in which Mr. Arcauld posted a video of an armless young lady getting into her car, about to whiz away with her left knee guiding the steering wheel. Caption: “If your life is hard, watch this video!”

Zeke Krahlin: Only those with financial resources can benefit from prosthetics and other devices that make their disabled lives livable. Many such devices and therapeutic services needed can only be accessed by the affluent…either directly via their own bank account, or (more likely) via wealthy family and generous friends. For every one such lucky person, a hundred more go without. Need a high-tech wheelchair to get around? That’ll be $45,000, please. Need those artificial legs that allow you to run and hop like a rabbit, and even win marathons? That’ll be $70,000, please. If you are severely disabled and poor, you’re lucky if you can even afford a plain old wheelchair with an electric motor!

And let’s not even talk about all the high quality, VERY EXPENSIVE therapy so necessary to restore one’s life to a livable, fulfilling one. Months and months, or more likely, years and years of it, perhaps a lifetime. This tragic outcome is very much a variation on the Horatio Alger myth, which claims that no matter how disadvantaged you are, you can make it in America, if only you persist and never give up. Then just to /affirm/ this false (and CRUEL) notion, every now and then the media tosses out an example such as the one depicted above. Yet for every such glorious example, there are hundreds of seriously disabled people way too poor to afford the luxury of quality restoration and therapy. Venues like Facebook are flush with affluent people who love to broadcast just this sort of tripe, to assuage their conscience. Easy enough to do, since it is very rare that any low income person can even afford the luxury of social media participation. I am one such rare exception.

Federal Policy Barriers to Assistive Technology |

Poor Internet for Poor People: Why Facebook’s Amounts to Economic Racism

Rom Proust: Amazing !!!! Thanks for sharing Arcauld.

Zeke Krahlin: Yes, just fabulous, she has all these financial resources at her fingertips to recuperate fully and live a rich life. So wonderful that she is not one of the many poor with severe handicaps who do /not/ have the benefit of these amenities. What an inspiration, my mind is boggled.


Zeke Krahlin Absolutely! Now if only our crude society can bring the very same, expensive therapy, quality medical care, prosthetics, accommodating transportation (such as a car adapted to their special needs) and medical/social support group to the poor who also suffer severe disabilities. Shocking, I know, to think that the low income are even /more/ vulnerable to debilitating disease and accidents, than even the unfortunate rich (or at least comfortably well-off). I know, life is not fair…and a lot /less/ fair to the poor. Unbelievable, eh? The only successful and inspiring stories I come across, are from those whose trials occur within an affluent environment.

I know many people living on the streets with AIDS, cancer, blindness, brain damage, missing limbs, etc. Here in decadently wealthy San Francisco! Some with rickety old wheelchairs, crutches or jalopies…while privileged IT workers whiz by on their way to or from work, or to or from whatever nighttime pleasures they pursue (maybe an opera, 5-star restaurant, the theater or a Swedish massage date). Totally oblivious to the outlandish suffering of the disadvantaged scattered about the streets and lavish neighborhoods. (But not /too/ lavish, as the uber-rich districts make sure /those/ types never have access to their turf, with a little help from the police and Mayor Ed Lee.) I wish such a boon of quality assistance for them, these straggling souls with no roof over their drooping, sad heads…and for myself, as well. Though my head isn’t drooping yet; and through some sort of miracle I still have a roof over it, albeit just a dumpy SRO.

Annie Bliss Moore: Zeke Krahlin I AGREE.

Zeke Krahlin: Thank you. Always good to know there /are/ some others on FB with a heart, who /do/ care about the poor, who remain invisible anywhere on the Internet. And who suffer disabilities as serious as the woman shown above, and even worse…and who can /not/ avail themselves of all the quality care and devices that she is so lucky to have. Just because of one single thing: money.

FB Censorship

April 10, 2016

Facebook just censored one of my posts today. Perhaps it was my “death to gays” phrase taken out of context. But this explains why I’ve had to frequently pass through FB’s security test these past few weeks…sometimes as often as several times per hour, even two or three comments in a row. A new window pops up, asking you to click on every image that looks like a tiger (for example)…nine images total to choose from. Once you’ve selected all the correct images, your message will then be posted. THEY’RE WATCHING ME! Is this homophobia? Has some nasty person been reporting me, as a form of harassment? Or is it more sinister, such as NSA intrusion? Anywyaz, the comment they censored (which you can see in captured image form below) refers to my criticism of the moderate, gay friendly churches’ lack of truly pro-active confrontation against the homophobic churches. Now that I’ve posted it again (albeit in image format), let’s see what happens next. Maybe they’ll take /that/ message down, too…and ban me from their service. If such an event does happen, anyone can reach me via this email form:


Reference: Beware the Social Media Brown Shirts

Beware the Social Media Brown Shirts

March 21, 2016

In the past two months I have been experiencing increased threats and intimidation by homophobic lurkers on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s what I think is going on re. certain stalkers on Facebook who seem to be increasing in number:

Due to the rise in homophobia (and these kind emboldened, thanks to right-wing dogma), LGBT’s are being tracked down, then intimidated to the point where they shut down their account. Some may go further and find out where they live, and attack them. They also get the names and info of their online “friends,” before their target catches on. They portray themselves as very nice people at first, in order to be “friended.”

But they will soon act sexually aggressive in an attempt to dupe you into giving out personal information, such as address and phone number. Otherwise they will /not/ act homophobic (usually). They may also use one or more other personas who “friend” you, but appear harmless and on your side, never aggressive or threatening. That is so when the main persona gets “unfriended,” one or more “friendly” versions remain connected with your account. So that if one switches from “public” to “friends only,” the culprit remains an active observer, if not participant.

I’m sure these brown shirts are also fanning out to other social media such as Twitter, Tumblr and Snapchat. Those were just examples of where they infiltrate; I’m also sure they’ll target web sites, forums, and other sites where LGBT’s congregate…especially news outlets with a large base of comment participants. They will also target their allies who are connected with them in one way or another. This will cause an increasing number of folks following you to unfollow. And that’s part of their plan: to terrorize and isolate their victims. And have you shut down /all/ the services you use, including web sites…so that pro-LGBT presence on the web will diminish, and possibly disappear entirely. I may soon have to do that, myself.

They’ll find out where you live, where you work, where you travel, and with whom you associate…all from the convenience of their keyboard. And they are growing ever more organized. Due to the nebulous nature of cyberspace, your attacker may not occupy a distant land or region, he may even reside in your own city. Or neighborhood. Or apartment building! But even if they do live a great distance from you, they can easily acquire cohorts much closer, and in record time.

In their initial salvos many LGBT’s will report harassment by this or that individual, never imagining the force behind their attacker: that many other bullies are doing the same. Meanwhile these creeps are gathering personal data about their victims’ friends and coworkers…while their extended marks remain clueless until it’s too late.

If you suspect one has recently “friended” you, check their Facebook account. Usually it will be very scant, not even a photo. But if there are pictures, they will be copies from elsewhere (people they don’t even know), in order to trick you into complacency. Sometimes they will post to their wall semi-scary comments or images that denigrate women, gays or whomever. But not necessarily. Once suspected and reported, they will most likely shut down that account and create a new one, also pseudonymous.

And if you think you’re safe because you only let “friends” subscribe, watch out! For your “friends” might not be as vigilant as yourself, and unknowingly allow enemies to leak through. They will study what you post, and gather increasing information about your personal doings and whereabouts. Even reporting a suspect may be fruitless, as these brown shirts have already infiltrated the upper tiers of many online services. Don’t think that such “progressive” services like Facebook, Google and Twitter do not have at least a handful of Christian zealots in their rank.

While queers will be their first scapegoats, rest assure that progressives, abortion advocates, people of color, immigrants and anti-Republicans are on their list, too. Take my warning seriously: this is just the beginning of a mass attack a la information wars. Muslim fanatics will soon join in.

Am I Suicidal?

August 4, 2015

FACEBOOK CHAT (August 3, 2015):

Now pay attention to the clock time of each post.

8/3, 1:22pm

Gonna go see The Kills tonight @ First Avenue

8/3, 3:49pm

Well you have a wonderful time. Larkin’s in for a big surprise, I punked him back big time, for his pranking me by calling 911 some nights back, telling them I’m suicidal. You will read about that in “A Quiet Night at Mission Station.” /My/ retaliatory prank you will read about in the email. The devil’s in the details!

8/3, 3:50pm

That is not even a prank, that is just being an asshole. Haven’t the police got anything better to do? Obviously not!!!!

8/3, 4:03pm

Did you actually read the tale? If you did, you wouldn’t say that. You must now report to the principal and stay late for detention.

8/3, 4:03pm

Are you suicidal?

8/3, 4:04pm

Just read the tale, instead of trying to draw it out of me via tedious little chat bars. I’m gonna go jump off a bridge now; you drove me to it.

8/3, 4:07pm

I now have 989 followers on Twitter. I wonder what numerology has to say about that.

8/3, 4:15pm


8/3, 4:17pm

I guess you’re reading it right now.

8/3, 4:36pm

I sacrificed 18 goats, a narwhal and two gerbils in order to gain such astounding storytelling abilities! And now I have to listen to someone criticize my brilliant tale before she even reads it? As if I’m some sort of flaky dipwad who is totally delusional, thus interprets hateful attacks as true blessings. Jeez! What is this asteroid coming to?

8/3, 4:38pm

Furthermore: I firmly believe that 9/11 was orchestrated by our gov’t, and not by these Reptilian Overlords about to descend on our world in lavender pasties.

8/3, 4:57pm

More furthermore: if I /were/ suicidal I wouldn’t just blab about it to anyone, let alone to those closest to my iron heart. And to /ask/ someone if they’re suicidal is a definite party-crashing etiquette faux pas! You need to recite IMMEDIATELY 10 Hail Mary’s and 5 Desideratas. It is such a Brobdingnagian chore to stand there and hear someone spout such a clueless question that leaps from gawd-knows-what dark wrinkle in the cerebrum to confound my sensibilities like a shrieking phantasm that just turned a corner and ran right into me! Reminds me of that day several years back when I told some lady that my stage name as a gay-themed standup comic is Jehovah’s Queer Witness. “Oh?” she tilted her head like a budgie, “/Are/ you a Jehovah’s Witness?”

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