Lax Security? Really?

June 20, 2016

I sent the following letter to four local LGBT newspapers here in San Francisco a.k.a. “Gay Mecca”. It is in response to an article in the Bay Area Reporter, entitled “Vigils Mark Orlando Rampage,” in which S.F. Pride attorneys stated there would be no screening for handguns at this year’s event.

June 20, 2016

Dear [gay media]:

I am astounded and dismayed that SF Pride lawyers have no intent to fully secure our march from potential violence, since the Pulse Nightclub tragedy. That week-long football extravaganza at the Embarcadero in January was armed to the teeth with guards and check-in points. Are we LGBT’s less valuable to them, than a highly commercialized event? (Wait a minute, isn’t S.F. Pride also a highly commercialized event?) Makes me wonder: is Saudi money filling the coffers of local government?

Don’t even get me started about that woman dressed in a hijab who spoke at the Castro’s own Orlando rally of grief. Sexual minorities are not the ones who need to learn tolerance! A hijab for crissake: the penultimate symbol of Muslim oppression of women who are treated like camel dung by their own husbands. I sincerely doubt that her own mosque is in favor of gay marriage or any other form of queer equality. (By the way, is there any mosque in the S.F. Bay Area that is LGBT friendly? Do tell.)

All this talk by our LGBT leaders about love conquering all, reminds me of Neville Chamberlain’s many appeasements towards Adolf Hitler. This is not love, this is spinelessness, and a sellout by those who claim to represent our diverse and long-suffering community. Aren’t those zealous Christians bad enough?

Most exasperatingly,

Zeke Krahlin

Native American Fail

June 16, 2016

This is a Facebook conversation from mid-June 2016, triggered by the Orlando Massacre early morning, June 12th. All names have been changed, except my own.

Donald Morris Tinker shared Kubla Sophoyam‘s post.

Just my thoughts assholes

Kubla Sophoyam: You know what the media meant.

Jeremey Streep: Oh, come on now. Don’t let’s be an asshole. One tragedy doesn’t compete with another for sadness – they all suck. I love my Native peeps, and support so much change on their behalf, and I don’t ask about their sex lives, because it doesn’t matter, plus Native cultures used to value us Two-Spirits.

Donald Morris Tinker: Until Christianity arrived and the white man destroyed it for us. I’m Cherokee, myself.

Corbin James: Some schmuck was only counting killings with only a few, non-government-personnel shooters and lots of people didn’t bother to fact check. I’m for solidarity, personally.

Darby Koske: Not the fucking time for this.

Gene Ziegle: The message is okay. The diss against gay people is uncalled for.

Zeke Krahlin: Gene: Exactly. Thank you.

Wanda Mays: It’s not a diss at gay people; it’s a diss at mainstream media. The continued ignorance of the Native American people is still a war that rages today. Wounded Knee was the greatest massacre in this country, ignoring that doesn’t make it go away. Orlando was terrible, I had friends who had left that club earlier in the night. As a queer and someone who is also an activist for Native American people, I think the media needs to check their facts. The two-spirit brothers and sisters have come out to stand with us, and I stand with them as we all should.

Jeremiah Fenneman: And yet it sure feels like a diss at gay people. I get that’s not what it meant. That’s also not what the mainstream media meant either

Zeke Krahlin: It’s a poorly implemented meme, using gay people as a scapegoat. Not blacks, not women, not the disabled…but gays. As an LGBT yourself, you should know better. You cannot use the “Orlando was terrible” phrase to excuse an ignorant remark that CLEARLY makes gays look like the enemy of Native Americans. To pick one of the most horrific moments of a violent and homophobic attack, to remind people of the Native American genocide…is ignorant at best, and horrific at worst. It /is/ divisive and homophobic…making gays feel /guilty/ should they oppose it, as Jeremiah has just done.

It is a /clever/ meme, I’ll grant you that…for in its skewed logic, it inspires the very people it attacks (LGBT’s) to spread it further.

Darby Koske: All I’m saying is that if someone shot up a Native American space and murdered several Native Americans, and that would naturally be a big news story, you wouldn’t see me making it about lgbt people and OUR struggle the next day.

Zeke Krahlin: Correct, Darby.

Wanda Mays: Honestly, I don’t think it would be a news story; I don’t think the media would cover it at all. We’re not making it about Wounded Knee, we’re just pointing out the facts. All the news had to say was, this is the worst massacre on American land since Wounded Knee. That’s it, a simple, it’s like one more word. What happened is so fucking wrong, and it’s a hate crime. I just want the news to check it’s facts.

Donald Morris Tinker: Or 9/11. Or Pearl Harbor. Or Oklahoma City bombing.

Zeke Krahlin: Yes, pointing out the facts in such a way as to further target gay people. Right in the middle of a tragedy that may very well be a preliminary salvo toward full-blown anti-queer holocaust. Your opinion that another massacre upon Native Americans would not even be a news story, does not mean you are correct. You’re just saying that to bolster a weak argument. It has been extremely rare for the MSM to cover /any/ LGBT tragedy until very recently…and look what it took. Gay folks always had to rely on their own newspapers to find out. So now you step out of the woodwork like the good little meme puppet you are, to trivialize and mock your own people. Bravo!

Darby Koske: Really, you don’t think it would be a news story? Sure there would be those that deny it was an act of racism, or twist the story to fit their own agenda, same thing that is going on now (just swap racism for homophobia). But come now, if any 50 people were gunned down by a single madman in any setting it would be national news.

Zeke Krahlin: I don’t think she’s very bright.

Wanda Mays: I would hope it would be, but honestly no. With so much shit that happens and when there should me media outcry it’s only silence.

Max Sprexel: This is the part where you can’t express grief over one given massacre without the tumblrinas shaming you because you didn’t in the same breath mention all the other ones right back to the days of Hakkad. This is why nobody listens to SJWs.

Zeke Krahlin: You have a problem with single Jewish women? Wait till you marry one!

Donald Morris Tinker: Lol. I think he means “social justice warrior”. That is, feminazis and hyper-PC pussies. The kind that supposedly believes in equality and free speech, but censors all criticism of their extremist views. They give progressive people a bad name.

Zeke Krahlin: Do you really think I didn’t know that?

Zeke Krahlin: It’s always the gays. Now the Native American genocide is our fault, too. Ha ha. It’s a poorly devised statement…the shooting spree being the worst one in American history does /not/ mean the US cares more about LGBT’s than anyone else. In fact, quite the opposite. I hardly see how killing 50 queers means we are so protected and appreciated. And a homophobic Native American? I’M GONNA PUT ON MY LAVENDER WAR PAINT!

Vicento Guanji: These 50 “queers’ that you so blythley condemn were minding their OWN BUSINESS in a place that catered to them… they were not hurting anyone….

Zeke Krahlin: Blithely condemn? I recommend you take Remedial Reading 101, then get back to me.

Vicento Guanji: Zeke .. perhaps you should make your thoughts a little more readable…

Zeke Krahlin: They /are/ perfectly readable. That’s the problem, I guess: I write for the literate.

Vicento Guanji: Hardly… but I’ll take your word that you weren’t disrespecting the ones who fell last night…’s been a rather emotional time for all of us……..

Zeke Krahlin: Whatevs.…/its-the-restrooms-stupid/

Donald Morris Tinker: The Native American wasn’t being homophobic at all. He was calling out the media for saying this was “the biggest massacre on US soil”. 9/11 wasn’t that long ago with 5000+ killed and Wounded Knee and Sand Creek had hundreds of dead. He’s calling out the media for it’s inaccurate myopia regarding tragedy in this country.

Zeke Krahlin: Oh, I get it alright. But the way it’s presented was unclear and confusing. Definitely, it could easily be misconstrued as homophobic. Badly worded. (You don’t need to educate me re. Native American genocide, BTW.) Another reason why it’s a poor presentation, is that many Native Amer. nations respected their twin-spirited members…thus, it was a putdown of some of their own people.

The only way this poster can be interpreted favorably, is as a sarcastic mockery of misplaced attitudes against gays by other severely oppressed minorities (some of whom seriously think they don’t /have/ any queers among their own culture, and that being gay is a sickness of white people). Why hasn’t such a poster come out earlier, say, about the Columbine massacre, for example? “Guess only school kids matter.” Or about desegregation? “Guess only black people matter.” Or Americans of Japanese descent hauled off to internment camps during WWII? “Guess only the Japanese matter.”

Choosing this specific event singles out gays at their expense. There were previous “greatest American massacres” before this one. It is the tendency of other minorities (due to their own homophobia) to piggyback on the gay cause and trivialize it in so doing.

It’s as if all these other post-Colombian massacres, while ignoring the utterly brutal native genocide, were not quite enough to arouse the Native American’s ire. But now when /gays/ are slaughtered, he says “This is the last straw!” I guess because it’s beneath his dignity to regard gay genocide as worthy of mention as any other minority genocide. This is akin to history books excluding the presence of homosexuals in Nazi concentration camps for many decades…even by others so persecuted, including Jews.

Karen Svenska Raven: ALL lives matter.

Feisty Frieda: Gays matter now?!

Zeke Krahlin: I know, what’s this world coming to?

Darby Koske: By the way, I’m sure some news outlets have wrongly said “largest massacre” but many are truthfully saying it is the largest SHOOTING massacre.

Zeke Krahlin: Darby, the hetero masses are confused enough w/o your sane input…as well as a few blond gays.

Harold Wallace-Klein: Let’s agree that it’s always minorities and join together to fight the hate.

Darby Koske: Evidently it’s the minorities that use a tragedy as a time to start a pissing contest over who’s more oppressed.

Harold Wallace-Klein: Exactly, Darby. It’s a time to find common ground, not the opposite.

Zeke Krahlin: Most non-gay minorities are just as homophobic as Nazis. It is /not/ the LGBT community that has a problem with trying to work with other minorities. To say “ALL lives matter” is to obfuscate the most universal and violent prejudice of them all: homophobia. This seemingly innocuous meme is /always/ dumped on gays when they speak out, yet never on any other minority. It is, therefore, a heartless gesture…a clever attempt to silence their plight.

Zeke Krahlin: I sent out the image in question to several friends, and asked them what they think about it. I did not offer my own opinion, or give any other information about it. One of them just emailed me back on this matter. Her comment:

> With a change in wording, it would be right on. Whoever put this
> together would have been happy to massacre Indians back in the
> day.
> “Guess Original Americans Don’t Count.”

Zeke Krahlin: Here is another friend’s emailed response:

> I think that I could go head-to-head with the most bitter
> Native People, black militants or Jewish people, and grievance
>-wrestle them under the table.

> Let them flaunt their alienation and I will flaunt mine, and let’s
> see who wins.

> The greatest massacre in American history was a bio-engineered
> AIDS epidemic, aimed first in this country at gays. At least
> the genocide of Native People is acknowledged as such, in some
> quarters. In no mainstream quarters is our far greater genocide
> even realized.

Zeke Krahlin: What this meme projects is the common prejudice of “soft” homophobia, which is:

“LGBT rights are never as important as any other person’s civil rights. Black rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, immigrant rights, disabled people’s rights, etc. You name it, they’re always more important.”

Such a deeply ingrained attitude guarantees to keep all queer issues at the back of the bus. And whenever we begin to make some /real/ progress, we’re pushed to the back once again. This Native American meme is a perfect example.

Yeah, right, we’re all gay white males from affluent suburbia, whose demand for civil rights are nothing more than selfish whines. While all the other /real/ minorities suffer even more, as a result. Meanwhile, the bashing, the terrorism, the ugly prejudice continues unabated, and even increases.

Feisty Frieda: I’m a gay white, disabled female person. I mean way less! ??

Zeke Krahlin: Not in /my/ book.

Zeke Krahlin: For all you gamer geeks out there:

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