Thank You, Pandemic!

February 22, 2021

An unexpected benefit of this current plague (at least from THIS antinatalist’s perspective), is that children’s playgrounds are now empty, thus my pups have access to them, without my having to worry about the usual dog parks with so many irresponsible pet owners and their sketchy canines! For that reason, I NEVER take them to such parks, but keep them leashed while outside, at all times. I was hoping to find some little spot where they COULD run freely, and I finally found one! But they don’t seem to get the hint, that they can romp about to their heart’s content, as this video and the next one so clearly show. But the third one is the charm!

They STILL don’t get the hint that they are now free to run about and play! This is a safe, lovely little park totally void of any other dogs or people. And the first time I’ve ever let them off the leash in public, since I adopted them back in early January.

At last, they grasp the concept of running about unleashed! What a delight to see them revel in this newfound little patch of earth, sand, trees and grass. This is the first time I’ve ever unleashed them in public, since I adopted them January 7th.

Covid Gelato

April 6, 2020

Capitalizing on the pandemic!

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