I’d Sooner Buy Hitler A Pony

April 29, 2011

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The Eternal Wound

April 6, 2010

My comments as “HoboHomo” (and a kind response) from article about
Christian fundamentalist dogma on Alternet.org, a progressive message board:

Subject: Homophobia: Our Achilles Heel
Posted by: HoboHomo on Mar 30, 2009 9:23 PM

The universal hatred of gay people by most religious and even non-religous societies has provided an eternally-open wound by which those in power can control and decimate all others.

When all sorts of people composing a MAJORITY of the culture, rabidly partake in the persecution of gays (or any other group, but homosexuals have been the chosen scapegoat for at least a millenium), society constructs its own DE-construction, and begins to experience the very terror they’ve so gleefully spawned upon the non-hetero minority.

In your own ignorance, you did not see this coming. It is not too late, IF and ONLY if, enough citizens aggressively resist homophobia and create laws and sanctions of ZERO TOLERANCE against gay bashing.

Otherwise, enjoy the hell you’ve created by your own demonic thoughts, if not outright actions.

Subject: MCC has the “jesus” domain name.
Posted by: Bliss Doubt on Mar 31, 2009 9:15 AM


HoboHomo, my feeling is that christianity is so dysfunctional and mixed up, and has so much bad baggage in the inquisition, witch hunts, crusades, holy wars, the oppression of third world people by missionaries who have insisted that native peoples were savage heathen, gay bashing, right wing political intrigue, that I wouldn’t want them, and don’t feel left out by not belonging to one of their churches. I found my spiritual path in the 80’s when I began hearing about the Goddess.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I’d point out that no particular cult of organized christianity owns Jesus. One of the official statements of Metropolitan Community Churches is “homosexuality, not a sin, not a sickness”.

I was touched by the pain of a friend who died just over a year ago. In his last years on this planet, I think he knew he was going to die young. He’d been raised Catholic, and as a gay man felt rejected by God. He lived his last years in search of answers about pain in this life, about the validity of one’s identity, about higher power that you can lean on, our responsibility to each other and to God, and whether or not God really takes an interest in us. He died without finding his answers.

RE: MCC has the “jesus” domain name.
Posted by: HoboHomo on Mar 31, 2009 12:17 PM

HoboHomo, my feeling is that christianity is so dysfunctional and mixed up

Everything you said: so true! Do you know that when missionaries reached Alaska, their depraved teaching drove many Inuit people insane? That’s because being told they were sinners by nature caused a severe psychosis of depression, a disconnect with their creator who is most beloved in their native worldview. They couldn’t imagine being in any way, so intrinsically offensive to their God, it broke their spirit!

Many indigenous societies were most accepting of alternative sexual inclinations, and found ways to incorporate that into their culture in loving, rational ways. But–thanks to the dogma of Christianity–they now are violent gay bashers even when otherwise getting back to their roots. They may reject the distorted overlay of a conquering culture (for the most part), but maintain one of its worst influences: homophobia.

I found my spiritual path in the 80’s when I began hearing about the Goddess.

I am essentially a Pagan myself…more specifically, an animist, which is one who believes all that exists (even a rock) is imbued with universal consciousness. My paganist ideas are obvious in my tales, poems and essays that you can read on my web site or blog.

One of the official statements of Metropolitan Community Churches is “homosexuality, not a sin, not a sickness”.

While I have found little personal reward in joining gay-friendly churches (and believe me I’ve tried) due to the overall conservatism that has sadly become part of gay society…I believe that reclaiming Christianity on their own terms is a most important and effective political maneuver. That is why I’ve dedicated my own activism towards reinterpreting religious mythos on behalf of sexual minorities. My web site is entitled The Final Testament (or “Faggot Bible”), which you may visit here: gay-bible.org

Bemusedly, I didn’t realize until several years after naming my web site, that “Final Testament” is also the pet name Muslims give to their own bible, the Q’uran. :D

On my home page is a link to my “zekeblog”, where my most recent writings and activities are recorded for anyone interested.

I was touched by the pain of a friend who died just over a year ago.

Thank you so much for being his friend; that will bless you the rest of your life. I believe that gay people have a spiritual destiny above and beyond the average hetero person…and that we walk Christ’s path more closely than any other group…as implied by our long and noble history of persecution and humiliation. It is our (gay) destiny to bring the world into a better existence, by example and long-suffering.

And it is meant to be a total surprise for most.

Thank you, Bliss Doubt, for a MOST thoughtful comment. I consider you a true friend on this bumpy road we call life. May the Great Spirit bless you this day, with a sign that brings joy.

The Exalted Land Of Andor

March 21, 2010

Photo of a lake in the Pyrenees Mountains.

July is the best time of year to visit the Lilliputian nation of Andor, for they celebrate their Independence Day (July 1) all month long. The Andorians, descendants of the Basque people, were separated due to a disagreement over whether or not to allow AIDS carriers into their territory. The Basques (located in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain) aggravated this dilemma by attempting to push all suspected homosexuals and/or lesbians into the Bay of Biscay.

The entire Andorian populace, totalling just and/or only 144,000 males and/or females, rose to the occasion in defense of brotherly and/or sisterly love, and beat off and/or creamed the attacking majority of breeders and/or homophobes. Radio Free Andor claims that the potential and/or conceivable casualties and/or victims of both sides withdrew before any blood and/or other vital fluids could be lost;

Photo of 2 WWII magazines with old-time radio.

thus and/or therefore (and/or hence) making their sudden secession and/or revolution the first peaceful one in Iberian and/or world history. Non-Andorian and/or non-Basque tourists who served as unbiased and/or non-partisan witnesses, claim that the Andorians and/or “Gay Basque Houses” won because of a clever and/or Trojan-like strategy to stockpile surplus artillery and/or munitions in their bulging basquettes and/or chests.

The Andorian cottage and/or village industry is renowned for its beautiful basquettes and/or chests (traditionally worked with one of the artisan’s left and/or right hands in his and/or her lap and/or that of the apprentice). Some historians and/or ZekeKrahlinologists claim that this tradition and/or practice originated from the Lap-landers, who kept falling into Andorian basquettes and/or chests on their migration and/or march north, where they could settle and/or eke a living…without being persecuted for their love of reindeer and/or packed snow and/or sperm oil. (Another reason and/or explanation why they were travelling north in the first Place and/or originally, was because, at one time and/or another, the European continent and/or land mass tilted and/or sloped from south to north and/or southeast to northwest and/or south-southeast to north-northwest, while the Lap-landers were mounting their sleighs and/or reindeer.)

Miniature of male Laplander with a reindeer.

Since the origin of the Basques remains shrouded and/or hidden in prehistory and/or before they knew how to write, likewise and/or also must the roots and/or seed of Andor remain buried in a misty and/or questionable gap in the annals and/or bowels of antiquity. A curious note and/or point of fact in the Andorian Royal and/or Court Archives, is that Andor never claimed to be ruled and/or governed by a Queen…though one would tend to raise an eyebrow and/or two when considering and/or viewing the Royal Wardrobe: a wide and/or copious variety of expensive furs and/or stoles (said rationale and/or excuse being: “For the cold, mountainous air of winter, and/or going to the opera.”).

The territory and/or span of Andor is a mere and/or meager 4,248,668 square meters of virgin and/or undefiled parquet floors (hence the many signs and/or notices: “Slippery and/or slick when wet”)…equal and/or equivalent to 13,939,200 square feet and/or roughly one-half of a square mile. All Andor-ogenous zones and/or territorial boundaries are demarcated by straight lines and/or lines of straights (from which the national pastime and/or recreation, “Slap-and/or-Pinch-the-Butt-of-a-Border-Guard-and/or-Sentry,” arose).

Small Greek statue of naked man.

Fortunately and/or thank God Andor’s population and/or citizenry (alias and/or A.K.A. “Andor-oids”) numbers and/or is about 144,000…and housing for each one and/or every Andorian was easily accommodated and/or provided by the erection of one grand and/or luxurious condominium complex and/or hotel…with 53 restaurants and/or cafes, 192 bars and/or lounges, 18,422 vibrating Greek statues and/or sculptures and/or busts,

271 dog-grooming emporiums, 422 barber shops and/or hair-styling salons, 6,001 paraphernalia and/or sex-toy shops, 310 different flavors of Perrier, and 1 live white unicorn and/or little silver pony with a horn (free to roam the premises and/or grounds, often seen and/or merrily splashing and/or cavorting in the numerous marble fountains and/or spas overflowing with Aqua Vita and/or divine semen)…

Picture of a Little Pony plastic figurine.

to mention only a few and/or several of the many wonders and/or miracles that daily and/or every twenty-four hours bless this great and/or incredible city-state of Andor. This leaves the rest of the land open and/or available for disco dancing and/or hopscotch (for which reason and/or purpose the floor tiles are laid with alternating and/or staggered shades of hot pink and/or fuchsia and Jet-set black and/or ebony).

Andor’s national flag was inspired and/or stolen from the flag of America and/or the U.S.A. and/or U.S. of A., in that it, too and/or also, has thirteen and/or 7-plus-6 alternating red and white stripes and/or bars, with a large, dark and/or navy blue patch in the upper right (and/or left, depending on which way you view it) corner. Only instead of 50 stars and/or pentagrams, Andor’s flag proudly and/or snobbishly displays 50 white and/or Pink Princess phones…the exact number and/or amount of telephones required for each Andorian residence, per their Declaration and/or Manifesto of Independence and/or Liberty and/or Freedom and/or Fun.

10 columns of 5 rows of 50 Princess phones.

But and/or however, on one side of the bottommost and/or lowest stripe, are these inspiring and/or rousing words:


On the other side are the equivalent and/or similar words for dykes:


We hope, on your way and/or trip from one great and/or famous European and/or world capitol to another, that you do find and/or discover the time and/or inclination to visit and/or reside in the first new nation and/or state to be born of the New and/or Aquarian Age: Andor and/or NUGREECE. Visa and/or Mastercard are welcome; as are the currencies of Spain, France, and/or Monopoly. Andor’s own currency depicts and/or shows a circle of unicorns dancing around the motto and/or slogan: “E. Pluribus UnICORNum,” and a portrait of the first horse to land on the moon: “Captain Randy Seabiscuit and/or Soupcracker.”

Statuettes and/or miniature dolls of Captain Randy seabiscuit and/or Soupcracker are available in any of Andor’s 78 souvenir and/or gift shops…with and/or without accessories and/or appurtenances such as: golden bridle and/or harness, four-legged equestrian and/or horsy spacesuit, bail of hay and/or bag of oats, groats, and/or love notes, space capsule “Mr. Ed I”, and his sidekick “Little Pony and/or Buddy” with and/or without plastic raincoat and/or moonglasses. Engraved and/or etched with neon pink and/or lime green and/or metallic and/or bright silver, Andorian and/or NuGreek currency is not only a delight and/or pleasure to spend, but makes great decorations and/or ornamentation for wedding cakes and/or honeymoon-suite wallpaper and/or bow ties.

—–the end and/or finis and/or th-th-that’s all folks!

Photo of Mr. Ed the talking horse.

Jesus On The Okra Winfree Show

March 17, 2010

Jesus Christ returns to planet earth and, of course, He is invited to a LOT of talk shows…in order for us to understand better, what this man called Jesus is really all about. So it is on the Okra Winfree Show He is asked the question:

“Jesus, what do YOU think was the most important advice YOU ever received in Your lifetime as the Suffering Messiah?”

Jesus deliberates on this a few moments before answering: “Well, Okra, I don’t consider My incarnation as The Messiah among the most relevant of My past-life experiences. Even so, during that existence, I received so many excellent words of wisdom, that I really CAN’T pick a favorite. But I’ll tell you this: I shall never forget the WORST piece of advice ANYONE gave Me, in ANY of My multitudinous lives.

Okra Winfree leans forward in profound curiosity and says: “Okay, Jesus, and what was that?”

Jesus finally answers: “Well, it was during my PRESENT incarnation (as you now see Me), and it came from a psychiatrist who once told Me: ‘Jesus, You can’t save the world.

Okra parries: “THAT revelation must have been quite a SHOCKeroonie to the ol’ ego there, buddy!”

Too-SHAY, Okra,” retorts Jesus, lighting a Camel Light 100 to soothe His jangled nerves, “too-SHAY.

“May-uh KOOL-pah, may-uh KOOL-pah,” Okra chuckles, “It’s ALWAYS fun to play devil’s advocate with You, Jesus.”

Fine with Me, Okra,” grins Our Savior, “as long as YOU don’t mind an occasional DIP in the Lake Of Fire.

“Well, another BURNING question I have…” (audience guffaws before Okra continues) “…regards the HUMAN side of Jesus Christ: Besides tobacco, do you have any OTHER addictions?”

Jesus blushes, and lowers His head. “Yes. One other. Boys. In that way, I’m like My Daddy.

Suddenly, a voice booms out of nowhere:


Okra Winfree raises her eyes to the ceiling and, slightly disgruntled, challenges Our Holy Guest: “Can’t you EVER get Your Father to show up in person?”

Jesus shrugs His shoulders. “God knows I’ve been trying, but He seems to take everything like one, big, fat joke. You know, I can’t even get HIM to see ME whenever I want!

“Wait a minute,” Okra grows serious, “You mean to tell me You STILL can’t be with Your Father?”

Well, not quite,” ponders The Son Of Man, “It’s just that He sees ME whenever He wants, but I don’t get to see HIM whenever I want. It’s just not fair.

Okra drops a pensive arm from her chin and says, sadly, “No, Jesus, that isn’t fair at all.”


Our Man Of The Cross sighs and flips a rude finger to the sky: “F*CK you, Dad, just F*CK you.


Okra, in raging fury, jumps onto her chair and waves an angry fist at the ceiling: “God, don’t You think You’re going a little too far? Think of Your Wonderful Son!”


Don’t talk to Him, Okra,” grumbles Jesus, “just don’t talk to Him. It’s the only way you’ll get Him to leave us alone.” Hands shaking, Our Lord attempts to light another cigarette, but drops the match book.


Out of nowhere appears an incredibly gorgeous dude, adorned in nothing more than a bulging gold spandex loin cloth and these opalescent, feathery white wings stretching across the entire breadth of the stage.

He alights by Jesus, who caresses the firm, smooth butt of the archangel, then grabs His Own Ample Crotch and says:

Okra, I hate to break this off, but as you can see, it’s meant to stay on and be fondled.

And with those words, the archangel’s fat crown pops its head above the loin cloth. (Camera zooms in for a yummy closeup. Audience drools in raptured silence, as a milky substance dribbles from the crown and down the angel’s spear. When the camera regretfully pulls back, this glorious angel tosses His luxurious mane of silver hair, and laughs):


Then He lifts Jesus up, cradles Him in His massive arms, and looks straight into the camera:


They vanish, leaving Okra Winfree and her stunned audience behind, along with a half-empty pack of Camel Light 100s lying on the floor.

And an empty chair.

Gaga For Google

March 16, 2010

Quoting Jack D:

But, Zeke, I personally think you are wrong in your attacks on Google. (I mean that in the friendly discussion way) Here is what I think of Google and Buzz in particular.

Fair enough. I am not interested in suppressing anyone’s opinions. Suffice it to say I am definitely against advertisements, and have always been, no matter in what form they appear, which of course includes old media such as radio, television, and billboards. I am certainly *not* interested in any sort of “service” that fine tunes their schlock to my personal “tastes” (as they perceive them). In fact, any ad that is particularly annoying or intrusive, inspires me to *never* buy that product, or use that service. (Not that I have much money to throw around in the first place, but you get my point.)

Before I continue my rant, let me iterate that I use Google simply as an *example* of what’s wrong with our cowboy capitalism…and that, even though Google is a far less nasty example (by a long shot) of American big business, it is nonetheless culpable to a considerable extent. But Google *is* just an example, and my criticism applies to a highly immoral system that is endemic across the board. Sad to say, bellwether voices like Upton Sinclair’s at the turn of the previous century, are still needed, likely even *more* so today, than back then…thanks in large part to the emergence of global slave labor, sweathouses, prostitution rings, hazardous workplaces…oops, I meant to say global “economy”.

I never fill out online subscription surveys honestly, as I choose to guard my personal information jealously…and don’t care how *responsible* and *respectable* the company appears, based on their legal contract. For one: I am not a wealthy person, not even middle class, financially speaking. Yet I get tossed at me, all sorts of enticing products that only remind me how low on the capitalist status rung I am. For example: automobiles, lavish vacations in faraway paradises, time-share condominiums, and cosmetic plastic surgery.

For another: I am homosexual. Yet I am inundated with titillating female erotica, in hopes of enticing me to purchase the intended product (viagra, anyone? propecia? dentucreme? salsa lessons?). Bad enough they presume I’m heterosexual, but they also make the crude assumption that I regard my fellow humans–females in particular–with vulgar wishes to violate their bodies. I don’t even regard males that way. (Of course I have my fantasies, but definitely without any violent overtones.)

Of course, if I reveal to them my homosexuality, they *might*, just *might* put a stop on sending me sexual material of a misogynistic nature…but I doubt it. When some promoters of erotica discover I’m gay, they may actually stop sending me vaginal/boob fantasies, and send something equally deplorable intended to titillate my *gay* proclivities. I do have standards you know…standards which are *not* valued in any real measure, by advertisement propagandists.

I find advertising the way we do it here in America, as a gross form of visual and mental pollution…and brainwashing, especially on the young. I sincerely question if those netizens who hold women in high regard (and who place great value in consuming as little as possible), will be sent via Google’s extensive filter logarithms, *only* such promotions that match these users’ ethics. And do they actually have surveys that *ask* its users what kind of products they *don’t* want advertised on their screen? In my case that would be (for examples): *any* sort of sexually-themed material (gay, straight or otherwise), *any* sort of automobile or products related to it, *any* kind of vacation offers, *any* edible product containing meat, poultry, seafood or food that is *not* ecologically sustainable, *any* ads that glorify our military prowess, or *any* religious dogma (especially from Christian nut-jobs).

Regarding our youth: advertising towards children is, IMO, disgusting. They are the most vulnerable to brainwashing than any other age group; and a society that is truly civil, would outright *ban* commercials targeted towards them. The very notion that a child should be made to feel worthless for lack of a pair of $150 sneakers, is more than absurd: it’s vile! And all those sugar laced cereals and candy bars only serve to undermine their health in a world already so stressful, that good health should be a top priority. Advertising by capitalist ventures rarely serves the betterment of humanity, as the profit motive obscures such lofty ideals. Instead, profit is the key motive, which cares not if its feverish grab for lucre destroys the lives of many good people, in the process.

But let’s move on to something other than the advertisement issue, such as privacy:

Google may indeed hold itself to high standards regarding privacy issues, towards its millions upon millions of advocates. Even so, there is the possibility of accidental data loss or theft…and the more their databases grow, the more unwieldy they become, and the more likely they can be compromised. We are all too familiar by now, with news reports of supervisors losing valuable and highly secretive data, by leaving their laptop behind somewhere, such as an airport lounge. Even the military has been guilty of this! So if even those agencies entrusted with the most valuable sort of security data, suffer such errors, why on earth should Google be excepted from considering such a possibility?

And what if Google goes under some day? Will data privacy be respected by whatever *new* agency acquires their resources? Some years back, I read about an online service that went bankrupt…and they also regarded the privacy of their user data with the highest protection. But the company that bought them up, did not. The data was therefore, seriously compromised, and the users who came to trust the former company, were up in arms, though ultimately, they could do nothing to secure their personal data. I do not recall the company in question at this time, but I’m sure it can be looked up with a little search-engine effort.

Either the advertising *or* the security issue ALONE, is reason enough to discredit whatever *good* companies like Google accomplish. I cannot embrace a system which requires extreme sacrifice of *some* in order to benefit *others*. And this is what our form of capitalism requires…one w/o a safety net, w/o universal health care, and w/o other socialized services that would allow capitalism to thrive, only minus the cruel sacrifice of so many innocent souls.

In the most general of ways, vulture capitalism–which *is* quite the American way–requires the sacrifice of hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of lives (by keeping them in dire poverty w/no hope for a decent life), in order to plunder their valued resources, that the first world may live in decadent prosperity. And Google is definitely *part* of that system, albeit a less virulent example than is typical. This in no way means that I do not consider that possibly, Google may become a big player in transitioning our nation into one that is more equitable to those poorer nations. In fact, they are far more likely to be, than our traditional, pre-Internet business.

Tell me: if Google offered you a free luxury condo in exchange for displaying neon advertisements on the moon (which could be clearly seen from earth), would you go for it?

For further and *extensive* information regarding criticism of Google, see: Criticism of Google

To whet your appetite, two brief excerpts:

–excerpt 1:

The policies and practices for which Google has been criticized include its use of others’ intellectual property, concerns that its compilation of data may violate people’s privacy, censorship of search results, and the energy consumption of its servers. Much of the criticism of Google pertains to issues that have not yet been addressed by cyber law.

–excerpt 2:

Privacy International has raised concerns regarding the dangers and privacy implications of having a centrally-located, widely popular data warehouse of millions of Internet users’ searches, and how under controversial existing U.S. law, Google can be forced to hand over all such information to the U.S. government.

In its 2007 Consultation Report, Privacy International ranked Google as “Hostile to Privacy”, its lowest rating on their report, making Google the only company in the list to receive that ranking.

–end of excerpts

I think Zeke’s comments that they are buggy is simply untrue

I have the advice of more than one techie who is expert in linux programming, that Google Gears is useless for speeding up one’s online applications (such as WordPress). I’ve concluded that I should turn *off* https mode (which WP’s own help page says definitely does slow things down)…it’s overkill, anyway…no one’s gonna try to sabotage my poor widdle blog!

I’ve played around with their online docs, iGoogle, and reader. I am not alone in my frustration:

–quote from [ Another buggy upgrade of google docs ]:

looks like they aer at it again, they seem to have releassed another buggy upgrade of google docs…

the scroll bars don’t work, in IE8 or Chrome

what happened to the save anc close option when you publish a document

why isn’t the tables pop-up automatically positioning itself so you can see all the options wihout having to constantly scroll up and down which you can’t do righ tnow with the scroll bars

what’s up with the giant header bars… they may look cool on a 24″ flat panel but when you are working on a
12-13 inch laptop it’s just a lot of dead/wasted space

what happened to open this link in a new window / tab option

and why are there so many formatting issues in IE8 or Chrome when it comes to text / tables being centered in a document.

–Quote from [ Complaints Pour in about iGoogle Home Page ]:

passions are running high among iGoogle users upset that their personal portal page to the Web has been altered in ways they don’t like and without any prior warning.

–Quote from [ Google Reader Seems Buggy as Heck/ ]:

Is it just me or is this new version of Google Reader buggy as heck? I’ve waited patiently for the bugs to subside, but it almost seems like they’re getting worst.

They mostly manifest as a ton of repaint issues. The list of feeds, for example, doesn’t show all of my feeds and frequently corrupts itself. I can see them all in “Manage My Subscriptions”, but the list is a mess. I’ve got 180 odd feeds, but I can’t imagine what it must be like for someone with a lot of feeds to try to use it like that. Worse, I can no longer create new folders because the drop down box showing the list of folders is also corrupted.

–end of quotes

But there *are* excellent alternatives, so I certainly am not lacking for useful and reliable cloud applications. For examples:

  • 5 Great Alternatives to Google Docs You Should Consider
  • You can use Google Watch‘s “scroogle.com” search engine, equivalent to Google, just minus the tracking and data gathering.
  • You can easily set up your own free home page with widgets that do the same things iGoogle provides. There are countless free web hosts out there!
  • And for a reader: well, you can use RSS on your browser, or plug them into that home page. For every application Google provides freely, there’s always at least one excellent alternative. For every *new* application they come up with, you can be certain that alternative non-Google solutions will be forthcoming.

Yes, Google is a company that tries to make money. If this is your reason for hating them; then there is nothing I can say that will likely change your mind.

I am not a hateful person; that term does not apply when someone questions the integrity of a system, or business, or policy. “Tries to make money” is too simple a copout for the matters at hand…which I’ve already described in this message. “Tries to make money” doesn’t take into account the vast sea of abuses so common with capitalistic ventures…if not directly, indirectly by virtue of the other resources required to build and maintain any corporation.

Just look at this most recent banking fiasco…was it simply a matter of “trying to make money”? How many people’s retirements and careers and stable home lives have been utterly destroyed by their just “trying to make money”!

capitalism does not necessary have to be at odds with freedom and openness

Of course not, but that’s how it started out, and it’s gotten *worse*, not better. We’ve just had the SCOTUS approve of corporations being able to spend unlimited monies for political causes. Let’s just see how *that* effects the next series of elections.

The very notion of a corporation being equal to an actual person, is morbid. Capitalism is essentially evil in its origin, and intent. And its advocates are seeking a return to the 19th century, where the average worker lived in poverty, and there were no laws against sweatshops, child labor, worker safety, intimidation, excessive work hours, ad infinitum.

Google *is* a corporation, and thus can potentially behave in all the worst ways allowed a corporation, if it so chooses…and still be perfectly *legal* within its defined framework. Because it does *some* good, does not mean that either corporations or capitalism is in essence, good.

The *only* way capitalism can work in a compassionate manner, is to soften it considerably with socialized programs. But capitalism itself is intrinsically evil; it can only be tamed like a beast. Unto itself, it does nothing *but* harm, and favors only the wealthiest elite…maybe less than 2% of the population.

I feel *no* mandate to maintain capitalism no matter what, even in a compassionate world. There are many other financial models that are perfectly fine *and* democratic, that we can apply w/o any sort of requirement to hold onto capitalism like a tobacco habit.

And I think that is precisely how things will go, as this world transitions out of old ways, and towards a world united, and dedicated to preserving all life, and fostering financial equality through COOPERATION, rather than competition. A good term for this system is “socialist democracy“.

So, in conclusion – Google creates/supports great open-source projects, promotes open standards across the web that enables innovation and provides really polished web tools that are a best of breed. I can hardly believe how limited phone calls and SMS messages were before I started using Google Voice.

True enough. I am not claiming that Google has not been a major innovator…I am only pointing out this “ga-ga for google” syndrome which tends to blind advocates from seeing both sides of an issue. Personally, I abhor cell phones…not for what they are, but how Americans use them. They constantly interrupt conversations, and intrude themselves often in the most irritating of ways. I cannot begin to tell you, how much it irks me, when I’m having a good conversation with someone, when suddenly their cell phone beeps…and they *expect* me to shut up immediately, and let their cell phone take center stage.

I understand that Europeans are far more respectful towards others, regarding their uses of cell phones. For one, they ignore their beeping cell phone, when engaged in conversation. For another, they keep them turned *off* when in a theater, at a symposium, or in other organized gatherings.

Cell phone companies have found a clever way to increase the cost of basic service at least fourfold! I do not make LD calls except occasionally (about 3x/mo.)…so I use a cheap service online, that charges me just 1 cent/min. anywhere in the USA. And international calls are also cheap, say 2 cents/min. to Great Britain, for example.

Otherwise, I use my land line for less than $10/month. Not many people call me, nor do I make many calls. But I have e-mail, chat, IM…all free, via cyberspace. So I don’t *really* need a telephone any more. In fact, I value my land line solely because it allows me dialup access to the ‘net! (Can’t afford high speed service.)

There should be lifeline cell phones for the low income and disabled…say, basic local unlimited service for $15/month. But the phone companies always beat down such proposals before they ever get off the ground. So I’m keeping my land line till pigs fly, and hell freezes over! Or to paraphrase:

“If you want my land line telephone, you’ll have to pry it from my dead, cold fingers!”

In sum: I have absolute confidence that innovative technology could go on perfectly fine with or w/o Google, or any other capitalist venture. After all, look how far the Linux/Freeware/OSS/et al communities have come so far, withOUT capitalism! Possibly *the* most successful venture born of the Free Speech Movement. Doing *so* much these days, to benefit the least fortunate among us, in a troubled world beaten, raped and terrorized by the beastly hands of Das Kapitalism.

My, was *that* a good rant; thanks for letting me vent!

Cheers everyone,

I can see Google sending you an e-coupon for Cheerios right now!

The Origin Of Evil

March 15, 2010

Once upon a time–long long before Adam & Steve were created–Jehovah realized that the universe could never be complete without something called “evil”. He tried to explain this to the Host of Angels (his only companions at that early time; though numbering in the hundreds), but they were all confused and aghast at this shocking concept. All that is, but one: Lucifer. When the Big Cheese saw that only Little Lucy was not aghast (but simply confused) he called him into his inner chamber, where they could be alone. (Archangel Gaybriel served them each a pot of lavender tea before departing behind the curtains.)

Hey Little Buddy,” declares the Good Master, “why aren’t you also shocked by my proclamation?” To which Lucky replies: “My Father, of course I am confused, but I’d never be judging you. After all, you’re our Creator…so even if I don’t comprehend one of your decisions, I still trust you. I could never conceive of you ever doing any wrong…even though this is the FIRST TIME I have become perplexed by anything you’ve ever said or done.

Jehovah contemplatively sips his tea, then leans forward. “You don’t really grasp what evil is all about, do you?

Of course not.” shrugs Lucifer, “This is the first time I’ve ever heard of such a thing. And it does what, you say? Distorts truth and makes intelligent beings feel bad, and do wrong?

Why don’t I give you a visual?” resolves YHVH, who then projects a holographic scene that hovers between the two.

Therein, Lucifer witnesses the awesome advent of evil upon a newly created species called “man”. Wherein Lucifer weeps for the first time, some sparkly tears dropping into the teacup (which by the way is the primal origin of the Holy Grail). Lucy dries his eyes with the hem of his sleeve, and exclaims, “Oh, my father, what terrible betrayal. How could you wish such forces unleashed in any universe? But I can only trust your decisions, and offer to serve you in this outcome, as best I can. For as much as I abhor this new energy entering the cosmos, that you call ‘evil’…I also understand that it is a necessary process in spiritual evolution towards perfection. That without any evil in this world, humans would never be challenged to become the true hero that dwells within each and every soul.” Lucifer then takes a deep breath and sets down his cup. “Okay, Dad. How can I help you in this terrible mission?

So with great sorrow and pride, Jehovah requests that Lucifer play the role of Master of Evil. This time around, Lucy is indeed terribly shocked, and lowers his head in shame and sorrow for some moments; then looks up and into the eyes of His Father, to say: “I will do this, only because if I didn’t, you’d be alone to carry this out. I wish to relieve your burdens as much as possible. For I do love you much!

Jehovah took him up into his strong arms. “You are the only one of my angels who has never lacked in any way, complete faith in my plans. For that, I make you The Devil Himself, that you may tempt man to go astray. And in so tempting, each is offered the chance to resist temptation, and become a hero in overthrowing your seductions. You will be vilified, scapegoated, and ultimately despised by all but a few wise folks. Indeed, not until the end of this First Cycle of Creation, will the wrongs against you be righted, and will you be celebrated as My Most Beloved First Born.

Having agreed to be partners in this Great Mission, Lucifer calls together a meeting of all the angels, and presents his case: to usurp the Creator and run the show ourselves. He is very persuasive, thanks to a gilded tongue, and manages to convince a third of the angelic host. War breaks out. So Lucifer dutifully plays out his incredible roles through history, including one of his “time out” past lives, where he is willfully sacrificed on a cross, to reaffirm his total devotion to One who asked of him this awesome responsibility. For with every seduction, Lucky always prays in his heart that you won’t be tempted.


Evil is a necessary evil.

And if you really love your enemy, then one must also find
a way to love, and forgive, the Ultimate Enemy.

I Hate Babies

March 13, 2010

Population Growth Steady In The Face Of A Changing Climate

I hate babies. Pushed in our faces in ever-increasing numbers up and down the sidewalks of our queer neighborhoods in cute little pink and blue strollers, they are symbols made flesh of heterosexist arrogance.

These subhuman breeders are the real perverts, for using their own children as front-line artillery in this war on same-sex lovers. Their disdain, hatred and (sometimes) fear is written all over their monkey faces. Perhaps they will think twice about “strolling” our neighborhoods, once an outraged queer wrests a pudgy, howling blob of protoplasm from its stroller and tosses it into a mailbox for overnight delivery. (Or once a basher is bashed back and roped to a tree in a queer area of a city park, entrails spilled onto his lap with a sign on his chest: “Homophobe”.) Don’t tell me that you, queer reader, do not also entertain such thoughts of retribution from time to time.

The historical roots of modern homophobia lie in the early Hebrews‘ need to propagate in order to outnumber their tribal enemies. Thus it became a heinous sin for any male to “spill seed” outside of a woman’s “vessel”. Same-sex love was therefore incorporated by their religious leaders to be an abomination in the eyes of God. (Christianity’s emergence carried forth this heterosexist supremacy into modern times with a vengeance so cruel, that it can only be deemed a mass insanity or psychosis.) Perhaps this extreme measure was a necessary evil, as a matter of survival to a tribe threatened with annihilation by enemies on every side. But that was several thousand years ago, and now we live in a world far too populated for its own well-being.

Perhaps it is time for God to reverse the ancient law of homophobia and declare it a sin *not* to waste seed. Perhaps we should no longer “turn the other cheek” (to use the fundamentalists’ own Christian terminology), but revert to the ancient Mosaic Law of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” (or in this case, a baby for a queer). Perhaps it is time for a “New Passover“–only this one for queers–sacrificing the hetero firstborn of every breeder as Yahweh’s warning to give us our freedom. Perhaps the act of “breeding” (without strict social guidelines) should now be made a crime punishable by death. Enforced spilling of seed anywhere except in a woman’s vessel may be the “necessary evil” to save us from global disaster–and will put new meaning in the phrase “turn the other cheek”.

Remember, homophobic swine: you do not *make* a baby–only genetics (read “God”) can do that. Woman is just the vessel. It is how you raise a child that counts…which has nothing to do with whether one’s parents are “natural” or not. As a matter of fact, the current rise in child abuse (and neglect) by heterosexist parents, is so alarming that even a test tube would provide a safer haven to these hapless offspring.

It takes no brains to insert rod A into slot B, which is the only reason you illiterate homophobic simians can breed at all. And the only reason most of you breed your brains out is to assure each other that you are not homosexual–with your fleshly offspring as your “Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval” to parade before us queers in our own neighborhoods. Stop screwing, and read a good book for once in your life.

Video: The Starving Children of Africa

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