13 Awesome Videos

[BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 3: Chapter 10]

This is a consolidation of my most recent “Flaco & Lucky Video Vérité,” for the convenience and delight of Canis familiaris lovers everywhere: 13 videos of sheer puppy heaven!

Jus’ Goin’ for Some Coffee

Flaco Loves Her Hide-y Spots!

Back From the Restroom!

Lucky’s Playful Nature

Some Sweet Lovin’

Down the Stairs & Out the Gate We Go!

Lucky Struts His Stuff

Neck Scritches & Belly Rubs

You’re Pulling My Leg! And Tail!

Drying the Pups Off

Next Morning After Pups’ Return

They Love Their Duck Jerky Treats!

Doggy Meal Prep

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  1. […] called “The Next Next Chapter,” because the previous chapter is “The Next Chapter,” for want of a better title. […]

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