4 Pearls of Wisdom

Here you see four packets (pearls of great price) containing my novel, ready to ship on Monday (two days hence). One to Constance who now lives in Sonora, and was married to my now-deceased good pal Don Ray Walz. Who passed on to the nether world six months ago; he was one of my long term homeless friends. I only wish he were still alive to witness the fulfillment of my greatest dream in literary format. One to Sweet Sue, mother of Terry Crummitt (a.k.a. “Snack Boy”) who is the topic of chapter 3. He is no longer with us, either. One to Gary Clayton, bartender at the Hole in the Wall; mentioned in chapters 1, 2, 4, and 9. And one to Tobias, former barkeep (now manager) of the Eagle Tavern. Who does not appear in this book, but does in the sequel.

I also presented my opus in person to Father Delmar (Church of the Most Holy Redeemer here in the Castro), and to Claudia (barkeep of Toad Hall on 18th Street). The Good Priest played a pivotal role in triggering My Fantastic Odyssey that culminated–after many years, starting in 1985–in this publication. He is mentioned in chapter 5. And Claudia, who I visited several times at The Mix (another bar on 18th), bought me drinks and passionately promoted my authorship by introducing me to her lesbian friends, and a bartender.

Turns out Fr. Delmar moved to Palo Alto four months ago. No wonder I haven’t seen him recently, strolling his two dogs (a half-blind papillon and a silly dachshund) down Noe Street on their way to Duboce Park! A handsome young gentleman (drool!) answered the gate and, when I told him who the gift was for, he offered to mail it himself. Even though I tried to front him the buckazoids required to post it first class. (Gotta get back to this dude, I think he can afford to take me out to dinner…he’s righteous cuuuute!)

When I entered Toad Hall around 4pm, I strolled to the bar’s end and asked the owner if Claudia still works here.

“Yeah!” he brightened up, “she’s working right now, on the patio.” And gestured that-a-ways. I approached the mini bar where she was serving up four martinis for two customers. She acknowledged my arrival with a smile and a wink.

I stood there leaning against the bar, book hidden behind me. Once the patrons received their change, she turned to me in great greet.

“Zekester, how’s it hangin’ buddy?”

I chuckled and extended my arm over the bar top to show her my book.

“Here it is, Claudia!”

She leaned forward and squinted: “Oh, that’s your novel. Congratulations!”

Claudia then graciously accepted My Own Personal Holy Grail, caressed and admired it where it still rested in a gallon-size zippered baggie, along with a “Free Me From This Bond” bookmark, postcard and two business cards.

I remarked: “I already signed it.” (Which autograph read: “Claudia, Thanks IMMENSELY for your passionate support. -Zeke, 12-14-13”.)

She held it up under the dim florescence and declared: “You’re gonna sell a lotta books!”

I grinned modestly, then shook her kind hand and departed.

[ Embellished Reader: try to imagine how I feel these days, book in hand and ready to conquer the world! I have only begun to disperse these prosaic seeds about this earthly soil, starting in my own back yard. And soon the winds of destiny shall lift them up to be scattered to all four corners.

Like dandelion fluff they shall quietly disperse across the land, across the waters. Across libraries, coffeehouses, churches, campuses and homes. Across radio, television, magazines, newspapers and word-of-mouth. Across Facebook, Twitter, online merchant stores, usenet, and torrent peer-to-peer sites. Across battlefields, city halls and town halls, senior citizen enclaves, vacation resorts and cruise ships, sweatshops, factories and museums.

Across the minds and hearts of every living soul.

And, like diadem seeds floating on the breeze, they shall come to occupy every nook, every cranny, every crack and every slip within these fertile grounds of Common Justice.

Here are three mustard seeds about to sprout: ]

Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 14:12:12
Subject: Re: New Novel Gives Voice to LGBT Homeless & Disenfranchised.
From: Pastor Rachel
To: Zeke Krahlin


Thank you for your email. I apologize for my late response.

I did skim a bit of the beginning of your book and definitely appreciate your intent. However, while the congregation I serve is, as you say, gay-friendly, I anticipate that I would encounter some difficulties in attempting to promote a book that utilizes such explicit sexual language, honestly. As well, our congregation no longer houses a library. I will keep your email, though, in case I am in conversation with individuals within the congregation who might appreciate your work.

Blessings on your Advent and Christmas celebrations!

Pastor Rachel Koski-Donnely

Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2013 18:27:08
Subject: First book store: SUCCESS!!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My E-frenz

Michael, co-owner of the book store on Haight Street (Bound Together: Anarchist Collective Book Store) left a message on my answering
machine today:

“Hello Zeke Krahlin, this is Michael from the book store “Bound Together” on Haight Street, and we want to sell your book. So, give me a call. If you don’t get me today, you can try Tuesday. I’ll be here at the book store all day.”

I am to drop over Tuesday. This of course is an excellent sign that
most, if not all, of the other independent book stores will also want
to sell my novel. City Lights here we come!

On another good note: I presented my book to a librarian at the local
Harvey Milk Library. She seemed highly interested, so I left her with a
copy (along w/my phone # and email). Told her I’d also be glad to do
readings. I’m sure she’ll get back to me soon.

FYI: You can keep updated re. my publishing adventure (and other
stuff) by subscribing to my blog at [ zekeblog.wordpress.com ], my
Twitter account at [ twitter.com/ez_krahlin ] or my Facebook page at [
facebook.com/zeke.krahlin ]

– Zeke.

Bound Together mural: click pic for larger view.

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