Sochi Anti-Gay Olympics

Their knowing full well Russia’s recent and ongoing pogrom upon homosexuals: I see no reason why those who attend or watch the Sochi Winter Olympics should be given carte blanche to enjoy this international fiasco. They had a golden opportunity to save many lives by boycotting the event. But no, their breeder dogma couldn’t see any value in being heroes to those they consider inferior. So on went the games. Here are examples of my contribution via Twitter, to dampen the enjoyment of at least some spectators (50 tweets total, though I posted many more):

Due to image width limitation for this particular WordPress layout, all tweets are truncated at the right margin, so just left-click for a full version. Or [ click here ] to view them all at once without the hassle!


2 Responses to Sochi Anti-Gay Olympics

  1. Eleanor Cooney says:

    You go, Zeke! Putin’s vicious homophobic ‘laws” are the equivalent of legalized lynching and vigilantism.

    • ZekeBlog says:

      Thanks, El! Russia’s anti-gay hatred has emboldened homophobes everywhere else. So now we see it rear its ugly head here in the states. Plus, gay bashing will increase drastically in /every/ state, red /or/ blue (including here in SF)…all thanks to closet-queer Putin. We homo sapiens are on the verge of a showdown that shall transform the planet beyond my wildest fag dreams.

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