Third & Final

From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Eleanor
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2014 00:50:00
Third & Final Valentine’s Day Card

Sent Larkin two cards already, but this one won’t be mailed till February 10th. Attached are two photos: the front and the open view inside. Front says (on a mini sticky note):

Zeke loves Larkin very much.

The open view contains 14 sitcky notes in various colors. Starting from leftmost down, (four per columns 1 & 2, three per columns 3 & 4), they read:

You’re a hard
drug dealer.
You drove me
out of the bars
& distanced us.

So I wouldn’t
get too close
& figure things

Read all my
letters. They
set up the
battle plan.

I shall win
but I gave you
extra points

If you are a
dealer, I want
you to stop.
Don’t want to lose
you to prison.

What if a cus-
tomer OD’s on
your product?
Can you live
with that?

Were you a
true friend
You would’ve
made things up

Your charisma
is not absolute.
Get out of
the Castro NOW.

All the bar
owners shall
know. I have
a phone.

You give me
reason to sus-
pect you deal
hard drugs.

If it were just
pot I’d have
no problems.
I love you.

I do not trust
you one bit,
though love you
very much.

You play this
game, I play
back. Not
afraid to die.

I was drugged
in 2007, you
showed no
mercy. Hole in the Wall.

This is how I play /his/ hero this time around, El! Hopefully, it is all just a feigned drama with yours truly in the starring role. No harm, no foul. But if there /is/ truth in my suspicions, still: no harm, no foul. A win/win solution no matter what. Let’s see how he’ll react. I certainly hope he does /not/ disappear from my life. But if so, it certainly won’t be the /first/ time Fate has required me to sacrifice a noble friendship for the sake of another’s soul.

I am /so/ tired of always being dumped into uncompromising circumstances that leave me out in the cold. But I /must/ answer to the ethics of Brotherly Love above and beyond even my own happiness. I will be sending the card enclosed in a very large bubble envelope (18×12 inches), which will also contain my latest blog entries (“It’s All About Larkin,” “Larkin’s Deadline,” and “Another Downturn”) along with my “Free Me From This Bond” T-shirt.

Which T-shirt I showed him several months back on the one-and-only time he visited me at my hovel. He did not smile, so I remarked:

“I thought you’d get a kick out of this!” His response:

“I do /not/ get a kick out of that.”

The folder BTW that contains those blog printouts, says on the front side:

More reading, Larkin.
You have not graduated
from the University of
Zeke, quite /yet/.

– Zeke


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