Obamacare Defecates on the Poor

[ Conflated Reader: I just sent this letter (certified) off in rage to my congressperson, Nancy Pelosi. My life is on the line, but as a low-income person I am treated like a joke. Fuk this nation! Just want you to know: if I disappear off the face of this pathetic little orb of a planet–due to this bold missive–you’ll know that Homeland Security has something to do with it. ]

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
235 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

June 10, 2015

Dear Representative Pelosi:

I am grossly disillusioned by President Obama’s so-called “Affordable Care Act,” which claims to give relief to the low income as well as the middle class. I number among the former, as I have been a long term disabled man subsisting on a meager income. Which, as you well know, is especially challenging here in uber-expensive San Francisco.

Until the restoration of many Medi-Cal services, I had to do without decent and regular health care, including dental (causing deterioration and loss of most of my teeth) for more than a decade. Which reductions actually started in a big way under Bill Clinton’s watch, and only got worse from there, till it finally hit bottom during “Dubya’s” presidency. Thus I was overjoyed when Obamacare stepped in to rectify these egregious losses…supposedly.

So last year in December, I reapplied for Medi-Cal, after being off it for almost nine years, seeing as those services I require were all eliminated (dental, psychiatric and preventative therapy, etc.). Yet to my dismay, only several days ago, I received a notice from Medi-Cal that my monthly share of cost will jump from $0.00 (zero dollars) to $518 (five hundred eighteen dollars) starting in July! (My Social Security income by the way, is $1,243 per month.)

“Surely this must be an error in their database,” I concluded, so on the afternoon of June 8th, I marched on down to San Francisco’s Medi-Cal office in order to rectify what seemed to me, a major glitch. The case worker was clueless, as was her supervisor who declared (most unprofessionally I should note):

“A mistake was made in your application many years ago.” (To which I responded in disgust: “There was no mistake, dear.”)

The case worker explained that this change is due to my reaching retirement age on July 1st (my birthday). But I explained:

“I’m still disabled, and no change has occurred to my income or my living situation in any other way, since I reapplied in December. This doesn’t make any sense.”

Neither the supervisor nor case worker showed any desire to assist me further. Realizing then I could get no correction in what to me is obviously an error in their system, I walked on out in a huff. I have been receiving Medi-Cal most of my adult life (starting in 1974), and my share of cost has always been zero!

This incident has therefore caused me to wonder if Medi-Cal is taking advantage of Federal funding, by ripping off the poor. For no way can I afford preventative care, dental services, or any other medical help, when the share of cost is $518 per month! And I’m sure I’m not the only low income resident who is being fleeced, and must do without decent health services that the middle class and rich can easily afford.

Obamacare is of no use to me, thus I am no better off than before, when I could not receive health services due to major cutbacks before the ACA existed. While I will never turn Republican, I cannot in good faith be a happy member of the Democratic Party. Outrage has a way of changing a person’s heart.

On the off chance that Medi-Cal has erred regarding my status, I suggest you look into this matter. Though I have no expectations that my terrible situation as a disabled, low-income person will actually be restored to fairness…which is $0.00 share of cost. I therefore have no choice but to limit my health care to the emergency room, and become a burden on the state because I cannot pay any bills that might incur.

For your information: I could go blind as a result of this sudden and cruel expense, since I suffered an almost-detached retina in 2009, and must go for an annual checkup every year to prevent sight loss. But I can no longer afford these checkups.

Citizens who are forced to live in fear of losing their jobs and becoming homeless, and others who will likely suffer misery and even an early death due to lack of respectable health care…cause me to wonder if these United States is actually a terrorist nation. And that its accusations of “terrorism” upon Middle East and other countries, is nothing more than a distraction from the ugly truth!

I will be contacting various news agencies to expose this egregious wrong dumped on the poor, in spite of Obamacare’s claim otherwise. I have also just posted a blog entry called “Obamacare Defecates on the Poor:”


Enclosed is a copy of Medi-Cal’s statement of this ridiculous share-of-cost increase, that you see I’m telling the truth.

Most sincerely (and angrily),

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

P.S.: You may remember me from years ago, when I flew to D.C. and appealed to you and other California politicians, to reach out to gay Nam Vet Randolph Louis Taylor:



Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 13:42:15

Subject: Did Medi-Cal just punk me?

From: Zeke

To: Eleanor

A funny thought skated across my brain pan only moments ago. What if some Medi-Cal employees and Nancy Pelosi also belong to this secret society that I believe Larkin runs, and which has been guiding me for many years?

Larkin obviously loves to rake me over the coals…which results in getting me so overwrought that new tales spill from my fingers. So I’m thinking that those clowns at the Medi-Cal office wanted to goad me into posting a letter to my representative.

Ms. Pelosi knows of me, thanks to my Randolph Taylor imbroglio of 1985. Application of a bit of telepathy on their part made sure my outcry would reach Nancy. (And yes, I believe This Orphic Cabal was already shaping my world long before even then.)

So “voila!” another mini-masterpiece was born, by name of “Obamacare Defecates on the Poor.”

I can see them guffawing in hebephrenic mirth right now, some rolling on the carpet as they pass my ink-printed diatribe around…eventually to fall into the President’s hands.

Curse you again, Larkin Kelsey!

– Zeke

Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 11:51:46
Subject: Re: Obamacare Defecates on the Poor
From: Zeke
To: Sean

On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 7:18 PM, Sean wrote:

{{ She’ll love that. She is a gross and grave embarrassment to both Boxer and Feinstein. }}

Ha! That did not occur to me! Thanks for the heads up. I am wondering, though, if there is destiny’s plan to bring Ms. Pelosi and myself back together, for some reason that has to do with my Randy Taylor mission.

{{ Obamacare will be repealed in many states in a few years. I’d like to work, but not if I have to pay a fine for not participating. }}

The disaster of the “Affordable” Care Act is that it’s for-profit based.

Things are actually going well for me these days, in spite of Medi-Cal’s attempt to wipe me out.

– Zeke

Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2015 14:43:47

Subject: Well I’m boned…

From: Zeke

To: Eleanor

…I doubt Pelosi can do anything in my case. Quoting from shareofcost.com/state-assistance/share-of-cost-california.html:

“For example, if an individual earns $1,100 a month, that person must incur $500 in medical costs each month before receiving any coverage from the Medi-Cal program. For consumers with a high share of cost, Medi-Cal provides little more than catastrophic coverage and does not enable them to access health care services.”

Can you believe it…still $600/mo. for the MNL (maintenance need level; which I understand is based on 1989 cost of living, even now in 2015! This is criminal!). So I’m left out in the cold, as if I lived in Russia or some other backwater nation with no real health care. Were I homeless, I’d get better treatment at this point (including dental).

Wait, it gets worse (quoting from that same page):

“If you have Medi-Cal with a SOC, Medi-Cal will no longer pay your Medicare Part B monthly premium. This means your Part B premium will be deducted from your Social Security check each month.”

But a lot of folks are /not/ happy w/Obamacare, according to what I’ve just researched. Out of pocket expenses pretty much ruin the reasonably priced monthly fee.

– Zeke

Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2015 15:23:33
Subject: Re: Well I’m boned…
From: Zeke
To: Eleanor

On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 2:55 PM, Eleanor wrote:

{{ The message is clear. All you rabble, just go die. }}

No kidding! Considering how massive the offense, seems like a medical counterculture/underground will spring up soon. Larkin is likewise in the same horrid situation, in spite of all the affluent people he schmoozes with.

Yet at the same time, my personal life is going through a wonderful transition. Some really sweet men are now in my world, and we are forming long term friendships. Next step is to introduce them to each other, that we can develop a solid community…or “brotherhood” as I like to call it.

They have complimented me numerous times in the past several months, saying things like “You’re a life saver,” “I’m so glad I know you,” etc. Like a bunch of walking Hallmark cards!

Plenty of hugs and respect. So, my anxieties over health care are diminished as a result of so much compassion…and I am confident of my success on all levels…as a human being, a creative faggot, and as an inadvertent (though willing) puppet to my reptilian overlords.

– Zeke

PS: These three articles affirm the claims I made above:

Bernie Sanders: Obamacare is a ‘good Republican program’

Millions Are Now Realizing They’re Too Poor For Obamacare

‘Affordable Care’ or a Rip-Off?

Oh, and these two videos more generally expose the deceptive blueprint of this “Affordable” Care Act:

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  1. Eleanor Cooney says:


    • ZekeBlog says:

      To put it politely. So, even though much of dental care has been resurrected, it remains beyond my grasp anyway…well beyond. This is so disgusting, and I wonder how Rep. Pelosi is gonna deal with it.

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