Expanded Medicaid = Sick Joke

Obamacare’s expanded Medicaid is a sick joke. For in most states that accepted it, these low income clients are required to shell out around HALF of their monthly Social Security EACH MONTH they need care, as their share of cost…before Medicaid even begins to pay one red cent. There are a few states that are fair, such as Minnesota, which charges ZILCH share of cost if your monthly income is $1,300 or less. But in California, for example (where I reside) I have to pay out $518 per month on my income of $1,118! Here’s proof:


Which really means I can’t afford any Medicaid (unless I’m willing to either starve or go homeless), thus I can go blind even though there is medical care to allay this. Likewise for dental, hearing, therapy, etc. IOW: THIS IS A DEATH SENTENCE ON MORE THAN 14 MILLION RESIDENTS OF CALIFORNIA, and God knows how many other states. Yes, the same is true for other blue states…I don’t know how many, since I’ve only looked up several, and their Medicaid web sites are quite obfuscating about actual share of cost.

Except for Minnesota which is very upfront. I suspect, though, that those states not providing easy discovery of Medicaid expenses based on income, are ripping off the poor like monkeys plucking bananas. Yet this horrible outcome has been swept under the carpet by both government and mainstream (and even alternative) media.

Meanwhile the Democratic Party elitists (you know who I mean) pat each other on the back, over Medicaid’s “miraculous” success.

Also, Obama has cozied up to the oil industry in big ways, and therefore is not too environmentally friendly…right in the midst of ever-worsening catastrophic climate change! See:

Papantonio: Obama Is An Oil President, Period.

Here’s a quick list of Prez Obama’s additional betrayals to those who looked up to him, including myself:


What follows is a comment plus my response, regarding my expanded Medicaid complaint, from a social media site called “Diaspora.”

Jeremy V.

A sick joke indeed. Eat or go blind – though once you go blind, you don’t have to make that decision: you’ll get the treatment you need to prevent you from going blind without the need to choose between food & treatment. #catch22 #cruel

(Via SSI.)

Zeke Krahlin

A lot of Democrats/progressives are brainwashed to think, if you’re so poor as to be eligible for Medicaid, Obamacare has you covered on all bases, and you don’t have to pay even a penny. I am often accused on social media, whenever I bring this up, of being a RW saboteur, and even a racist. I VOTED FOR THE MAN, FOR CRIPES SAKE! So, for the most part it’s very much like waking up into a nightmare that I can’t seem to escape. It makes Nightmare on Elm Street look like a children’s playground.

Bernie Sanders is the ONLY CANDIDATE who has brought up the issue of Medicaid still being way too expensive for those who need it most. Interesting that he didn’t cover this topic until at least two weeks /after/ I emailed him a copy of my Medicaid ripoff essay…thus I like to think my letter has been a help.

No politician has gotten back to me, after I emailed them this same piece; they are: Prez Obama, his wife Michelle, Bill Clinton and /his/ wife, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and even Ralph Nader. In addition, I mailed my letter to the top 17 most widely read online, alternative news services…yet not a single one of them ever responded back!

Nor do I see /any/ coverage of this act of SLOW GENOCIDE upon potentially 70 million people or more by any of our alternative media outlets. Everyone knows about the red states turning down expanded Medicaid…which is also horrid and genocidal. But they mostly believe that any poor person in a blue state is fully covered, as a result of Medicaid’s expansion!

So whenever I see Obama in the news being praised for expanding Medicaid, and what a lifesaver this is for the poor…I tend to upchuck.

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