The Final Chapter (part 1)

April 5, 2021

[BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 3: Chapter 17a]

Subject: Scary or what?
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 2, 2021 9:04 PM

I just completed and published chapter 16, the next-to-last chapter of the entire trilogy! 25-32 minutes reading estimate, which is average for most of the chapters. So now what?

The final chapter NEEDS to be a happy ending. I COULD remove one or two chapters, that are a collection of videos (which will free me up for one or two more chapters yet to pen), but that ruins the multimedia aspect so essential to these books. So, no I WON’T do that. For now, I’ll just have to wait and see. This email, of course, will be the opening salvo.

I feel like a mad scientist, driven at any cost to complete the resurrection of his monster from dead organs, limbs and brain! These tales are totally insane, as well as astoundingly beautiful, profound and liberating. Talk about patting myself on the back! Which would be MUCH easier to do, were I Quasimodo. THAT’S IT, THAT’S YOUR NEW PSEUDONYM: “QUASIMODO!” Ha-ha, just kidding…we’ll stick with good ol’ Doctor Wattson.

Wait-a-minute, that’s the wrong character; Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant was named “Igor.” Who was ALSO a hunchback, so the pun works just the same. What a drab name, though…I could never see you as an Igor.

Thus I now leap into my final chapter of all chapters: the cerulean waters of Avalon, trusting whatever god, nymph or spirit rules this lake, that no leviathan shall rear its scaly head and snatch me up in its jaws. It WOULD be just my rotten luck if this were Loch Ness!

Hopefully, I can dog paddle my way to safe harbor, if such be the case. Arf!

– Zeke K-Holmes

Subject: Lisa Harwood’s Brilliant Recommendation of my Tales
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 3, 2021 8:19 AM

I just posted back to her: “BRILLIANT, THANK YOU!” See below. Deek just showed up with the pooches, BTW…7 AM, woke me up, arrived at the gate so I wouldn’t have to step outside. They went NUTS, dying to dash up the stairs and into my patch of heaven, while I held onto the leashes as their owner spoke:

“I gotta do something very important. I’ll be back this afternoon, maybe later.”

Me: “Okay, they’ll be fine with me.”

Him [with the inevitable question like a broken record]: “Did the money show up yet?”

Me: “Nope.”

Him: “When do you THINK it’ll show up?”

Me: [shrugs shoulders]

Him: “Oh you probably got it already, you’re just lying!”

Me: “Nope.” [Doggies continue to tug on their leashes, tails a-waggin’, while I hold the gate ajar.]

Him: “Every bum on the street has it, and YOU still  don’t?”

Me: “Good for them.”

Him [stern frown on his dusty mug]: “Don’t do anything funny with my dogs, just take care of them like a normal person.”

Me: “Always.”

Having heard enough, I left Deek still spouting absurdities and departed up the stairs with the exuberant brindlekin yanking me all the way hovel, and inside. Now, here’s Lisa’s excellent praise:


Subject: Re: [MCN-Announce]- The Next , Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next Chapter [BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 3: Chapter 16]
Date: 2021-04-03 08:06
From: Lisa Harwood
To: Announce MCN

Folks: Have any of you dipped into Zeke’s Brindlekin Tales? (those links in blue he tags onto his listserv posts). You should. It’s a consistently literate journal, tracking the drama of a heroically compressed life (you’ll see as you read chapter-by-chapter) premised by the love for two homeless pups and the perfidy of a younger, destitute friend the “state” has declared their rightful owner.

It includes multiple dialogs, which play off several email correspondents. Especially well-done are his letters to a ‘My Dear Wattson’ with whom he shares a robust camaraderie. As well (and these occur when he is saddened), the journal regularly contains original devotionals: passages that borrow for affirmation from two belief disciplines in equally pertinent ways.

What has made the Tales such an addictive experience for me is the way Zeke laces his writings with spurts of video from a camera he wears on his face. It’s a unique and really good choice for this video vérité—leaving Zeke’s hands free when he is interacting with the pups, revealing consistent off-kilter perspectives of his SF neighborhood and his “hovel” (as he terms it).

The angle renders unbelievably appealing footage of canine contentment. There is daily drama in Zeke’s life. Moments of threats recorded: and while it is going on, he spontaneously narrates an astute sense of the impact of small but ultimately significant alterations to the life of an urban street. . . .this man does a lot of thoughtful sharing of what he has. The extent of how much he shares will probably shock you. This is not the Zeke you can’t stand. This is that Zeke.


Re: [MCN-Announce]- The Next , Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next Chapter [BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 3: Chapter 16]
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Lisa Harwood
Date: April 3, 2021 9:11 AM

And the pups are back, BTW. 7 AM Deek woke me up, said he’s got something important to do, he’ll be back this afternoon, maybe later. Made some wisecracks, otherwise no problem. This is tough for him, I’m sure, but what a great return. (I decided not to contact him, let him call or see me once he’s ready.)

Flaco & Lucky are overjoyed to visit once more, and are sound asleep, crashed out on the cot right now (see attachment). Once settled in, I checked my laptop to discover YOUR kind praise! So I’m off to a good day, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks again, Lisa!

Who “My Dear Wattson” is, is no big secret, for you can discover that buried in my tales and a couple of videos which show her latest book atop one of my bins. She is Eleanor Cooney of Mendocino town. EXCELLENT person in all ways. She is also in a large number of my chapters from my previous novel, “Free Me From This Bond,” once more as my email confidante.

– Zeke

P.S.: I may just give him my entire stimulus, once it arrives. Though he’ll probably spend it foolishly, my act will prove beneficial in other, intangible ways. I can survive quite well on my regular monthly stipend.

Click here for a larger view.

Re: [MCN-Announce]- The Next , Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next Chapter [BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 3: Chapter 16]
From: Zeke Krahlin <>
To: Announce MCN, Discussion MCN
Date: April 3, 2021 9:48 AM

On 2021-04-03 15:52, Ladye Birdsong wrote:

> No
>> Folks: Have any of you dipped into Zeke’s Brindlekin Tales?

Of course YOU, Ms. Boredom, love to rub your “no” into my face, by also posting your heart-dead reply TO me via private email. I look forward to the time later this year and beyond, when YOU rent a motel room to discover the Bible has been replaced by Brindlekin Tales in the nightstand drawer of EVERY hotel and motel room across the planet. You just won’t be able to get away from it, as my trilogy will ALSO be discussed across ALL media platforms worldwide, as well as appear brilliantly illuminated in the window display of EVERY bookstore and library that exists. Woo-hoo!

Subject: Lisa Harwood’s Brilliant Recommendation of my Tales
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 3, 2021 1:22 PM

> So glad you have the dogs today. God, how I wish he’d let you put your phone number on their collars. I know he won’t allow it, but how I wish.

I am not stressed over that any more…the pups will be fine, no matter what. This is a lesson of FAITH, destined to become the MIRACLE for all the world to witness. Even were they stolen for a time, they’d be brought back to me shortly, unharmed and in good spirits. They are PROTECTED, for they are DIVINE. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point, if Flaco produced a single offspring from a VIRGIN BIRTH, but instead of in a manger, it’ll occur in a hovel. I’ll name the puppy “Susej.” (Ha-ha, Jesus spelled backwards sounds like “sausage.”) This miraculous event will put a totally NEW spin on the phrase: “dog spelled backwards is god!”

I think at that point, Lucky will sport a halo and sprout angel wings! 

– Zeke K-Holmes

Re: [MCN-Announce]- The Next , Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next Chapter [BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 3: Chapter 16]
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 3, 2021 1:39 PM

> You could just about use this as a cover letter if you were to submit it to a publisher.

Yes I sure could, but it’s not in the plans to submit my trilogy to any publisher. For one thing, I’d be forced to remove my online version, as it’s public domain. HIGHLY unlikely I’d ever find a publisher anywhere, who would be willing to produce my work under the public domain category. My tales WILL take off w/o any of the muss, fuss, frustration or incantation so necessary in going through the traditional channels. Furthermore:

Ms. Harwood herself is not a celebrity or renowned author, so her magnanimous words are of not high value to the status quo.

– Zeke K-Holmes

Re: Scary or what?
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 3, 2021 2:00 PM

> Igor would be a fitting name for me these days…

This too shall pass…and very soon. The mutts enjoyed a full meal, and are now back at their stations on the cot, sound asleep. Lucky has burrowed himself beneath two layers of fluffy sleeping bags, and you wouldn’t even know he’s there. Flaco curled up in the box for a few minutes, but decided she prefers the bed. I’m hoping Deek will allow them to stay overnight, instead of stepping back out again today. As for my getting vaccinated:

IMPOSSIBLE. I may be eligible, but nothing’s available! This is because thousands of younger people lied about their health or zip code or occupation, in order to get their shots before the elderly could…thus more illness and deaths than need be. Hopefully, I won’t be one such unlucky boomer. Here in the City of Death, where I shine a bright light. Check this out:

– Zeke K-Holmes

Re: [MCN-Announce]- The Next , Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next Chapter [BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 3: Chapter 16]
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 3, 2021 2:29 PM

> Oh, I know all that. It was mostly an expression of how well she “grokked” it. And how surprisingly well she wrote what she did.

Yes, I was quite amazed over her superb review. I could NOT be more overjoyed. Hers is the spark that will set off the bonfire.

> That’s absolutely true. I’ve known her for many, many years.

Seriously? That’s amazing in and of itself. April will NOT disappoint. This is it, Wattson!

– Zeke K-Holmes

Re: Some Sweet Lovin’
From: Zeke’s Mailing List
To: Charles Kapinski
Date: April 3, 2021 4:19 PM

> My 70 yr old buddy Bill just passed. He had an artificial heart valve act up on him. Went into the hospital, no corona. Days later he caught it there. In treating the valve they lost him, and conveniently for their stats sake listed him as a corona death.

Sorry to hear a good friend was lost to America’s death cult.

> They have ten cats, one named Gannon who loved him and likes me very much who is 17 and slowly dying. His young wife has found a new flame and is trying to palm Gannon onto me, but he is better off dying in familiar surroundings with his feline fellows. She’s a ditz.

She used him, now she wants to use you. Her “new flame” is in for a rude awakening.

> He had a red macaw parrot. A week after Bill died on 12/15, the parrot floopped and dropped dead. I never trusted him.

Not trusting a parrot? Tell me more. Hope you’re doing better now, Chuck…it kinda sounds like it. There are NO vaccines available for me, because thousands of young people lied to get them first: about their health condition, zip code, or occupation. This horrific situation in San Franshitsco is being swept under the rug. Residents with cars can go to neighboring counties or further, for their shots. Something I can’t do. Public transit is out of the question, since that’s a GREAT way to catch it.

– Zeke

Oh c’mon, you can trust me!

Subject: Last chapter’s already 2/3 done…
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 3, 2021 9:19 PM

…and I’m freaking out. Of course, THIS email only ADDS to it. Not much time left for the miracle! I’m biting my nails. Which I’ve never done before. I’m tearing my hair out, even though I have none…that’s how bad it is. Maybe I’ll keep deleting passages, like tearing out pages from an unfinished chapter till it comes out right. But those passages are priceless, too! THIS COULD GO ON FOREVER!

After 9 PM now: pooches still here, loving all the cushy-blue comfort of four kid’s sleeping bags piled one atop another, as they snooze after their second meal and a good poop. Did you know that Flaco snores? Little delicate snores that delight the ear when close up. They gaze at me with such love in their crescent-moon, golden-brown eyes, I could weep! Their sweetness is radiant; I need no other light. They ARE the miracle!

– Zeke K-Holmes

Re: Last chapter’s already 2/3 done…
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 3, 2021 10:34 PM

> Keep everything you delete in a separate file (which I’m sure you’re doing anyway). It’ll be a treasure trove.

I will certainly do that.

> I hope Deek never comes back. There, I’ve said it.

At least not the nasty version of Deek! That may have been the end of the chapter, and thus the trilogy, last sentence being: “They ARE the miracle!”

I think it’s a fine ending for the book, yet other events or thoughts may pop up that are just too POTENT to exclude. How do YOU feel about me ending it right then and there? It’s clever: last email entitled “Subject: Last chapter’s already 2/3 done…” And the upswing just barely taking off by the time the last chapter is complete, giving the readers many sweet hours of meditation on the triple-opus aftermath. And my sudden realization that I just MAY have come to the finale: it snuck up on me! I’m just wary, though, about sealing the trilogy with any type of closure but one that is indisputably jubilant. Let’s see how things progress in my world, testing whether or not the ending has been achieved. Meanwhile, I’ll ponder this vision I had while slumped in my chair half asleep:

Aw damn, I just nodded off for a few minutes, and now I can’t remember. It was incredible, though…something about a secret cabal of scientists breeding genetically mutated cockroaches, which release will turn our planet into a utopia. Well after midnight the pups are still here, time to hit the cot.

– Zeke K-Holmes

Subject: Do you know about the cartoon series, “Oggy & the Cockroaches?”
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 4, 2021 1:29 PM

It appears to be a children’s series on the caliber of “Adventure Time,” which is WONDERFUL, I’ve watched every episode from start to finish, across the span of late 2019 to mid-2020. I discovered “Oggy” just moments ago, when searching for some clever image of partying cockroaches, to insert in my final chapter. According to Wikipedia, it’s “a French comedy animated television series!” Oggy is a CAT, by the way. Each episode is 10 minutes, and the series started airing in 1998, still going strong today.

Hopefully, the first 7 series I’m downloading from Pirate Bay are in English. However, that may not be crucial, since the show “employs silent comedy: characters either do not speak, or use unintelligible vocalizations and gestures.” There is a slew of these episodes on Youtube; I’ve watched a couple minutes of one, and enjoyed it thoroughly. The animation style is almost identical to that of “Ren & Stimpy.” Meanwhile:

It is now 1:25 PM…Deek has yet to return, thus I continue to enjoy the darlin’ mutts’ gracious company. Great sleepover as usual…they are very happy to snuggle up to me, and I, to them. Will April disappoint? I think not. I shot this video this morning (4.5 minutes):

Subject: He finally showed up to retrieve the pooches.
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 4, 2021 4:01 PM

That was around 3 PM. He wished me a Happy Easter, and I, the same. Told me if anything happens to him, like his death, he has things arranged for Flaco & Lucky to be handed over to me, via another friend who has a roof over his head, who will bring them TO me. True or false? I have no idea. So I told him that’s not gonna happen thank god, but it’s good to plan ahead for such horrid possibilities, if you can. We then departed as I called to him from halfway across the street: “Thank you for trusting me with your dogs!”

He DID gripe a bit, Wattson, about my not getting the stimulus check yet…that all his friends and everyone else in the city is celebrating their gov’t windfall. I told him that’s not true…Trump fucked it up for the elderly on Social Security, but it’s getting straightened out. I already told him this before, but he’s a short-attention-span kind of guy for whom you must repeat just about EVERYthing.

At any rate, it was a friendly meetup…and that’s what REALLY counts. I also gave him his $60 allowance for the week. He mentioned he got ripped off last night, and other difficulties, and that’s why he’s so late. Who knows if that’s true? He probably just wanted to “party” his ass off. Fine with me, as the pups had a warm and friendly place to spend a day and a night. I reminded him no matter WHAT happens that causes him a delay in picking up the mutts, they will ALWAYS be safe with me, so he need NEVER worry about that. One more thing:

As I brought Flaco & Lucky down the stairs, there was Dieter chatting with Kevin the building manager, who seemed friendly enough (thank god). The pups barked, but in a low-key manner, and we had to pass through a narrow gathering of three people in the lobby (manager and two others). The pooches were absolutely NO problem. Kevin said something about their good manners, and I replied: “They’re getting used to the building.”

Just as I predicted: April shall be the month where peace grows, and conflict subsides. At least in MY life, though I’m hopeful for everyone else in the world.

– Zeke K-Holmes

PS: I think one of my most PROFOUND passages (and there are many) is where I said in the previous chapter:

“I am NOT inventing these tales, I’m LIVING them. This is what is so extraordinary, and is also wherein lies my liberation: a relic, a sliver of Saint Roch’s thigh bone where the hunting dog had licked and healed his bubonic wound. Discovered in the fountain spillage of my creative force. With Flaco & Lucky by my side, who led me there…my 2-headed Cerberus!”

At first, after writing that (which just flowed from my keyboard, as in a trance) I didn’t realize what all that implied. I read it over numerous times before it hit me: it is the doggies’ boundless love that brought me to the bubbling spring of my inspiration! And THAT, dear Wattson, is truly a beautiful thing to contemplate!


Here is a conversation in the AskSF Reddit sub, in which I participated on April 3rd and 4th. My handle is "i-luv-ducks." Topic of the thread is "Is it still possible to do standby at the Moscone Center if you’re under 50?"


Multiple friends under 50 have had luck at East Bay sites


Are people being deceptive on a form, and check a box that says they qualify to get vaccinated? or is there a greater supply in Alameda county than demand? I'm not attempting to pass judgement, just confused how people outside of the state's tier plan are getting appointments.


Yes. Most people I know who got it who are under 50 fibbed on the from. We basically like “well I have asthma so that should count” or “I do consulting work for a construction firm which is eligible so I should be too”, that sort of thing. I’m happy waiting another 3-4 weeks if that means 50+ can more easily get them


> Most people I know who got it who are under 50 fibbed on the from.

And that's why I, 70 years old, STILL can't get a vaccine appointment. My death will be on a lot of younger heads! Damn millenials.


Don't know why you're downvoted, lying on the form is a dick move.


Those are the same dicks that downvoted me...obviously. Thanks for your thoughtful reply, BTW.


If you need help getting a vaccine let me know. The following worked for lots:

- Use

- Enter 94103 as zip code

- Schedule with Moscone.

Moscone does 10-15k shots a day so your odds are better there. Just need to keep checking every hour unfortunately.


I'm not FROM the 94103 zip code area. Don't they check ID? Even if not, I'm not interested in placing myself in possibly a dangerous legal situation. Checking every hour is BS...I'm not a rat tapping on a lever to get the pellet!

UPDATE: I've been banned from this sub for two days, so I can't post or reply yet, but it looks like I can edit, which is what I'm doing now. I get NO availability results using myturn. When I opt for the Safeway locations within five miles of my home, it says there are NO openings. Anything else I try, NO openings.

And I apologize for comparing this Kafkaesque nightmare to a rat tapping for a pellet...because it's REALLY more like a death lottery.

Does anyone realize that the elderly weren't even eligible until less than two weeks ago? It was all based on occupation and high-risk medical conditions till then. As if being old were not a medical high risk in and of itself! Such jumping the line is not limited to SF, but is nationally widespread. See:

Not just younger people pushing the elderly aside, but wealthy folks cutting ahead of the poor (which I am, as well as elderly...not owning a car doesn't help):


People engaged in active line-cutting — strategically positioning themselves to receive vaccines that were not intended for them — may be acting with "vaccine entitlement," says Fletcher: "There are certain people who feel justified in accessing and skipping the line and going to a county over or state over because they're so accustomed to having access, and believe they are deserving of resources that others may not have."

For instance, in cases where people from wealthier neighborhoods are going to poorer neighborhoods that have been prioritized to receive COVID-19 vaccines, the outsiders are flexing their privilege, Fletcher says. "They have access to transportation. They have access to information, to the internet." It's a move that undermines efforts to reduce health inequities.


To the person who said: "As long as you're a resident of SF, you're eligible at any location in SF."

The trick word is "eligible." Of COURSE I'm eligible, but that is NOT the same thing as any vaccine center being "accessible." Which I'm learning the hard way. That person also said:

"In fact SF county allows out of county residents too."

Well, you're not a resident if you're out of county, right? Furthermore, that just gave the green light for streams of MORE young people making the dick move of pushing aside the elderly and the poor, by making accessibility even harder for them, SUCH AS MYSELF. Thus resulting in additional COVID sickness and deaths. This horrid outcome will likely get all swept under the rug: the dark underbelly of SF will once more go unnoticed.

As for the person who asked what "rat tapping" means: it's a reference to using lab rats for experiments on stimulating the pleasure center of the brain. Every time they'd tap a lever their pleasure node would be zapped (because an electric wire was connected from the lever to a specific part of their brain). Turns out they get SO much pleasure, they'll starve to death, even when access to food is right next to them.


As long as you're a resident of SF, you're eligible at any location in SF. In fact SF county allows out of county residents too.

Sorry that you think this is akin to rat tapping. I really wish you best of luck. If you need I can check for you and let you know.


What's rat tapping? Google was unhelpful.

From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 4, 2021 8:53 PM

This is hard to believe, but, I GOT ADISA ON VIDEO, screaming at me by the front gate WITHOUT A MASK. Along with two of his lackey “friends,” ALSO WITHOUT A MASK. Here’s the video description, then the link below (video is 3.25 mins.):

Putting part 2 up first, due to it being the most urgent aspect of the three sections.  Parts 1 and 2 are about my latest meetup with Deek, and will be uploaded later tonight. SO GLAD I WEAR THESE SPYGLASSES!

Young man screams at me by the front gate of my apartment building. He lives here, too! My guess is that someone (or ones) besides myself has reported him and his friends (who DON'T live here) for loitering in the hallway, being a disturbance, and NOT WEARING A MASK...which they've done repeatedly over the past five or six months. Not every day or even every week, but sporadically. I reported him and his mother quite a while back, but this time around it's not me! Though clearly, I'm the scapegoat here. Are they being evicted? And why didn't the cops order them to step aside so I can enter without maskless punks in such close proximity? That angry fellow and his mom falsely accused me that one of my pups bit him and shed blood. THAT never happened, they do NOT bite...and their allegation came right on the heels of their receiving a copy of my grievance to the landlord, Ablahblah Realty. Which makes the whole accusation highly suspicious. Besides, the dogs are always with me, and they were never even NEAR either one of them, ever.

From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 4, 2021 9:14 PM

> Horrible. Just fucking horrible.

I thought it was HILARIOUS! They’re actors…didn’t you see them poorly concealing their grins? This is just another setup to make me the hero! Well, they’re gone: two down, one to go (the manager)! Nice that Kismet tossed me an extra bone in Todd’s demise! Had another most EXCELLENT visit with Deek tonight…all recorded on video, so it’ll be uploaded later on, perhaps tomorrow morning. You will LOVE it. Meanwhile, here are parts 1 and 2 of “Trouble at the Gate” (5 and 4 minutes, respectively). I think you’ll be impressed by Deek’s demeanor:

Subject: Mr. Psychobitch thinks he’s clever!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Announce MCN, Discussion MCN
Date: April 4, 2021 9:33 PM

He emailed me today, under a female pseudonym, saying she’d love to drop off a large bag of dog food at my place, next time she visits her friend in SF. I already figured it was him (I mean, gimme a break, she mentions “Mike Sears” right off the bat) so I gave him my OLD address and phone number. FYI: I NEVER give my real phone and address to strangers on the Internet. He HAS, however, been reported to the proper authorities. Read it all here, and have a good laugh:

On 2021-04-05 00:52, annemarie weibel wrote:

I have been following you and your dogs that you post on the list. I think it is so nice of you to take of those puppies for your homeless friend. I have four dogs that I love dearly myself so I buy dog food in bulk from our country feed store where I get a very good price. I have a friend in north beach I see about once a month. If you give me your address and phone number I can call you and drop off a 25 pound of dog food for you.  I'm sorry to read what some people on the list say about you. Mike Sears is not liked by the good people here in our supportive community so don't be upset about what he says about you. Not everyone on the coast here is like him or his friends.

Peace and Love


On Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 2:11 AM Zeke Krahlin wrote:

Wow! So kind of you. And it will also be a GREAT pleasure meeting a real live person, finally, who is on that "controversial list" who is familiar with, and enjoys, my puppy contributions! May you have the loveliest night of your life, tonight...and always.

My phone is a land line, BTW:


My residence is here in the Castro, on Market Street between Castro and Noe/16th Streets (they all intersect).

[xxx] Market Street, #205
SF, CA 94102


Re: annemarie from the mendo list serve
From: annemarie weibel
To: Zeke Krahlin

I"ll be sure to drop it off personally.

All 6'3", 245 pound of Big Mike

Oldest cop trick in the book.............SUCKER !!!

Re: annemarie from the mendo list serve
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 5, 2021 10:11 AM

> Amazing how he keeps getting taller, isn’t it? From 6’2″ to 6’3″, just like that!

Oh, he’s just one more bodhisattva, as I concluded some time ago, and so expertly analyzed in chapter 13 of book 1: “Checkmate, Mr. Kuzlowski.” Setting me up to become the hero. IOW:


Re: [MCN-Discussion]- Mr. Psychobitch thinks he’s clever!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 5, 2021 10:45 AM

> But….that IS your real address, isn’t it??

Of course.

Re: (R) of the Albany County Legislature states a remark so homophobic is must be heard to be believed.
From: Zeke’s Mailing List
To: Carlyle Lambourne
Date: April 5, 2021 11:24 AM

We are DESTINED for a global LGBT revolution, and very soon. WE SHALL BE VICTORIOUS! Your excellent remarks on this topic are now embedded in the final chapter of book 3 of my Brindlekin trilogy. Which shall be published soon, definitely before the end of this month. It’s the LONGEST chapter of all the tales, by a long shot.

– Ezekiel

RE: (R) of the Albany County Legislature states a remark so homophobic is must be heard to be believed.
From: Carlyle Langbourne
To: Zeke’s Mailing List
Date: April 4, 2021 8:17 PM


It is nice that he kind-of apologized, but I doubt that he gets how simple-minded his viewpoint really is, and just how callous are his remarks and what kind of provocations they are. He is probably just posturing and almost surely will continue having an ugly and bigoted outlook.

Christian bigots like him don’t get that being gay in terms of procreation is really no different in moral terms than a man and wife who find themselves unable to conceive, as happens to some 10% of straight couples. In neither case did we request or choose the situation. For a gay man to marry a woman to whom he is capable of feeling no genuine attraction would be the real ethical failing.

Furthermore, if our planet were in any danger of dying out due to lack of people, gay men and lesbians could rise to the call. Even further, the real existential danger to human continuation is a glut of human beings, polluting and exhausting the planet.

Bigots like him cannot get that a homosexual really IS a homosexual, not a misbehaving heterosexual. Something different on a basic level that is probably biological in nature. But the GOP doesn’t really care about any of that, they care only about power and pandering to religious bigots and crackpots. In their secret, dark hearts., which they cannot hide and are not real secret to us, they would be as cynically casual about wiping out “imperfect” people who were at no fault for their imperfections. Like the Nazis who said about slaughtered gays, “It isn’t a punishment. We are simply terminating abnormal life”.

This is why I have long felt- we don’t owe them anything, at all. Not civility, not respect, not the peace, not hope for a shiny future that will redeem it all if only we are patient and nice enough that we don’t spoil it by getting nasty. I have felt that probably this country could never be set straight until blood has been shed, without guilt or apology, only with determined defiance, in the Republican party, in the archaic and poisonous Churches, in the red states, in the right-wing media. As true today as it was true in 1862. Too far gone for mere words. Trump was more than enough proof of that.

If that spirit produced a right-wing dictatorship, it would really only be the blame of the victims for not fighting hard enough, not for daring to ever think of reading the riot act to the bastards.

Regards, Carlyle

Subject: Mr. Sewer’s phone number and voicemail message:
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 5, 2021 12:15 PM

I have NOT listened to the voicemail message yet. Tell me what you think about it, good doctor. I don’t want my deductive reasoning skills to be unduly disrupted at this crucial moment of the investigation. As for Myrtle & son:

Appears they’ve moved out for good. Deek said he watched them lug bundles of stuff to the curb, squabbling until a van picked them up. Wish I could’ve seen and recorded THAT; it would’ve been a Sundance Film Festival honorary mention! Funny thing, though:

As I returned from Rosenberg’s with my morning java, I saw Myrtle enter the building from a half block away (she did not see me). Not unusual in and of itself, but she likewise held a fresh cup of coffee in her hand…indicative of an inappropriately casual demeanor amid a personal crisis. But it DOES make sense in light of my premise that they’re simply putting on a show for my own glory. The end game of my “initiation,” so to speak.

LOOKS LIKE MY FINAL CHAPTER IS GONNA BE ONE HECK OF A LONG RIDE! Which is great, ’cause my readers really don’t WANT the tales to end.

– Zeke K-Holmes

Subject: Mr. Sewer’s phone number and voicemail message:
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Alvin Hock
Date: April 5, 2021 12:19 PM

Mike Sewers: 707-[xxx-xxxx] (service: U.S. Cellular).

That cell number is a surefire way to identify the REAL clown behind the makeup.

I have NOT listened to the voicemail message yet. Tell me what you think about it. I am in the middle of an investigation right now here in my neck of the woods, and do NOT want my deductive skills to be unduly distracted. One criminal at a time! Thanks.

– Zeke

P.S.: It is good that we play head-butting antagonists for a while longer, as it shakes the tree where evil monkeys hide. They have begun dropping like rotten coconuts! :D

P.P.S.: You will be honored for your good works in due time, Mr. Hock.

Re: Mr. Sewer’s phone number and voicemail message:
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 5, 2021 12:43 PM

> There’s nothing on there–just some static. Maybe that’s his “message.”

No, he obviously wanted me to pick up the phone…else he’d leave evidence of his harassment that I could use against him. The call was at 4:08 fukkin AM! Woke me up, thought it was Deek (maybe a butt-dial)…but then figured “Nah!” and went back to sleep.

Well, this happens EVERY time I decide to allow my phone to ring, rather than let it go directly to voicemail…or in an earlier time, to the answering machine. It’s been going on for DECADES: I ALWAYS wind up being forced to turn the ringer back off! This time around I had turned it on just so Deek could reach me via his new, paid-for smartphone ASAP. But, thanks to Mr. Psychobitch, that is once more out of the question.

I’m wondering now how things will come down on the building manager, since he was COMPLICIT in the false allegation by Myrtle & son. Perhaps I was an AID to his finally getting them evicted, thanks to my letter of complaint to Ablahblah Realty? Or perhaps he had to SWITCH SIDES to save his own skin? He is certainly friendly again, towards my doggie sitting. But one thing I CAN declare with assurance, Wattson:

This is FAR FROM THE FIRST TIME I’ve helped make this building a safer environment!

– Zeke K-Holmes

P.S.: Glad I got you his smartphone number. That was my plan in the first place. As far as his “duping” me to reveal my actual phone number and address: EASY for anyone online to find all that out. Even many of my blog entries note my street address, one way or another, including, most recently, Brindlekin Tales. In fact, the WHOLE WORLD will soon know exactly where I live…thus making 9666 Market Street, SF, a landmark building of the highest order! Many, I say MANY, good people will rise to my protection, soon. Of course, I may likely have to move elsewhere, but by then SCADS of trustworthy allies will provide me with safe harbor, ACROSS THE ENTIRE NATION…and the whole friggin planet, if it comes to that. This will include Deek and the mutts’ OWN protection, too! And since I can NOT be without the pups’ presence, we four will find refuge together! Woo-hoo!

Subject: Last Night’s Meetup with Deek: EXCELLENT! [my latest video – 12 mins.]
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Zekes-Mailing-List
Date: April 5, 2021 3:09 PM

Same day as that nasty encounter at the front gate of my apartment building, I had excellent rapport with Deek, both before and after…one “before” and two “after.” This is the second “after.”

Checkmate, Mr. Kuzlowski

January 1, 2021

[BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 1: Chapter 14]

Subject: Checkmate, Mr. Kozlowski (a.k.a. Carl Morano, Fred McMillon and “Get A life”)!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Discussion MCN
Date: December 27, 2020 6:40 PM

On Tue, 29 Dec 2020 15:19:37 -0800 Fred BOOGALOO McMillon squoinked:

I’m sorry Ewwwgene,

Eugene is actually an eloquent and beautiful name…but I REALLY like the Russian version most of all: “Yevgeny.” See:


And I learned a few years back (while studying the origin of this name, which I do from time to time) that “Eugene” has become a popular choice in Japan for naming their daughters. I can’t locate that article now, and I don’t have a lot of time to try to track it down further…though I would’ve liked very much to show it to you. I anticipate you’ll mock me over this, because “female.” Since THAT is your role as a bodhisattva yourself: to seek out every possibility to mock and insult me, that I may stand up to the challenge, and grow stronger in spirit as the result. Ergo my rebuttal before the anticipated attack (’cause that’s a high-point-score power-move on the game board I just couldn’t resist…did you see it coming?):

To perceive women as inferior is wrongful thinking.

I’m just not in the mood to bark back at a dog today.

Canis familiaris is a kind and gentle species, for reason it is called “man’s best friend.” And for which reason I consider it a grievous injustice to use the word “dog” or its image as an insult. The Islamic world certainly needs to clean up its act in that respect (and in many other ways, but that is for another discussion). So now is a choice time to explain what I mean by “I have you figured out.” Bear with me, as it’s actually rather extraordinary, and complimentary as well.

“Bodhisattva” is a Buddhist word for an enlightened being who is SO highly evolved, as to be one hundred percent deserving of the right to live in Nirvana (or “heaven”) for all eternity. But they choose, instead, to return to this earthly plane of woe, out of a compassionate yearning to aid others not so evolved towards a higher level of consciousness. And I say “consciousness” because this is truly a state of mind, rather than a place (either materially anywhere in the universe, or as some aspect of one’s imagination). In other words, one can actually ascend to this level while STILL present here on earth…and enjoy all the fruits of your labor NOW!

The bodhisattva takes on his task by sometimes playing the devil instead of an angel, if deemed the best option for his chosen pupil to learn the latest lesson…and in so doing, his charge becomes a better person. Unlike in western thought–where angels and devils play separate roles of good and evil without mixing the two–in Asian cosmology, bodhisattvas switch from one role to the other, as appropriate to the situation. Likewise for ALL their deities. Nonetheless, the bodhisattva’s motive always arises from pure compassion.

[Please note at this time that while I use the male pronoun to describe the bodhisattva, I do so only for a smooth flow of prose. Female bodhisattvas are just as prevalent and glorious as the males. Also note I will now use “BS” as a short form of “bodhisattva” in order to spare myself from typing the long version over and over again…and also, I guess, to add an element of humor.]

So why do I call YOU a BS (artist…ha, ha I couldn’t resist)? Because you fit all the prerequisites. You’ve set up the game quite awhile ago: the board is laid out, the pieces are all in place. Your chosen role is to mainly offend and threaten me, that I may take up this excellent opportunity to confront your many offenses, in as compassionate a manner as possible. This does not mean, however, that I shouldn’t ever dish it back with equally robust force for a time. But if I am true to my morals I have the obligation to drop my replies of outrage, eventually, and bring compassion to the fore, which I am now doing.

It also does not mean that one should shirk from doing what is right, even if it means reporting the offending BS to authorities, that he may be stopped from causing harm to others. Unless the BS surrenders his antagonistic role for good, you must assume he’ll keep it up forever…and can only be stifled by outright retaliation. As always, the utmost compassion possible must still be applied; one should not use his ceaseless offenses as justification for acting out of anger or hatred. As that would just be caving in to your lower demons…thus you lose the game, and the BS folds up the board and returns all pieces to their pouch. In such an egregious scenario, “most compassionate” may be to report the BS to law enforcement, or call 911 if it requires a speedy resolution. (Or, instead of getting the law involved, use other effective means such as strong, brave allies or defending yourself at the point of a gun or other weapon…such as pepper spray, which often makes for an effective, and safer, deterrent.)

But the most unwelcome (and grievous) of all challenges, is when you just may have to kill the BS yourself, to stop him from violently assaulting YOU or someone else. (Did I say this game was a pleasant one? Well it can be, but only for the most highly evolved among us, who are entirely cognizant of the BS nature, and of their own role and position on the board.)

You, yourself, Mr. Kozlowski, may or may not concede to losing the game at a certain point. However, you may choose not to, but instead go all the way into nonstop feral mode. In which case you WILL be arrested and tossed into the clinker. But even if you go to prison for a year or more, I’m not worried about any suffering you may seem to endure, in the eyes of the world. For you ARE a BS, thus have access to a higher realm of consciousness at any time you choose, to exist in a blissful state no matter where you are located, physically. But here’s my prediction:

You WILL concede at some point, perhaps very soon.

For you have long provided every witness here, almost countless opportunities to stand up to your challenges and fight back…thus becoming heroes in their own right. Sad to say, though, almost everyone has not. Much to their shame and loss. You have even pointed out now and then, that they have failed to defend me. Or have only weakly, or partially, spoken out in opposition. Jared Fisher is a perfect example of a weak challenger, in that he has only resisted you two or three times in the vast span of a year…and in a rather milquetoast fashion, and without including a defense of my OWN person, but just in direct opposition to you. As for a textbook example of partial resistance, we have the recent rebuttal by one Annabelle Koski, who only chastised you for racist remarks, but entirely ignored the homophobic ones. Also, she’s otherwise ignored your myriad epithets for many months before she bothered to stand up to you.

I would therefore think that, after having laid out the game plan many months in advance, providing all active subscribers a more-than-generous number of opportunities to become a hero (with barely no skin off their teeth in doing so), you are ready to call it quits and move on. For you’ve done your job…and done it very well, I might add. And I think you are actually a VERY NICE PERSON for sacrificing potential friendships and respect and admiration from others, in order to serve a higher purpose. Which, in this scenario, is to serve my evolution into becoming a better man than I was before YOU showed up. But THAT (as you well know, my friend) is the true nature and mark of a bodhisattva.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my explication as much as I have savored its writing, Mr. Kozlowski. But it is quite possible you’ll choose to continue to play your role as a raving Nazi lunatic for awhile longer…sabotaging the communal purpose and enjoyment of this mailing list as you have been for nigh unto a year now . And maybe just because playing the villain onstage is so much MORE fun than playing the hero!

But I think I understand you now. Game well played, Gerard!

With warmest regards, and wishing you and your loved ones a most joyful and prosperous Happy Nude Ear,

  • Ewwwgene Frank Damien Catalano, Mafia Prince of the Schizophrenic Realms Par Excellence

Subject: Checkmate, Mr. Kozlowski (part 2)
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Discussion MCN
Date: December 28, 2020 10:45 PM

On Tuesday, December 29, 2020 9:00:29 PM Fred BODHISATTVA McMillon sagely posted:

Do you wack to my pics Zeke ?

Good grief, no. Stop it, I just spewed coffee all over my crotch; now I have to sponge it all off with a lightly moistened washcloth, and relubricate the zipper so it doesn’t rust!

Is that what your obsession is with me ?

The obsession is all yours, Gerard. But it’s an act, part of the game…for you have chosen as your game piece, the Dark Knight, who is designated to play the arch enemy, whose role is to attempt to obfuscate and anger as many opposing pieces as possible. Whereas I have chosen the most vulnerable piece on the board: the Rabbit Prince. (FYI there is only ONE Dark Night and ONE Rabbit Prince among all pieces.) Whose goal is to try to break through the opposing camp and checkmate the Dark Knight’s Invisible Fortress, without getting massacred before then. The position of the Invisible Fortress is known only to yourself and your minions, and is designated at the beginning of the game by drawing any one of 32 cards…which determines WHICH of your pieces is also the Invisible Fortress. (BTW there are 32 pieces for each side, on a board with 144 squares.) Depending on how much POWER a piece has (which can never change), acquiring the additional role of Invisible Fortress makes for a most COMPLEX and interesting game!

I know that 6’3″ blue eyed guys turn you f*ggots on

So many other prerequisites left out of your claim, it doesn’t bear any truth whatsoever. For example, in my case, my Lover Numero Uno has the most remarkable, fiery, smokey orange eyes…like a dragon! He IS 6’7″, but all my remaining soulmates average 5’8…and one is a real shorty at 3’4″, but is MOST attractive and packs a REAL wallop where it counts, so to speak (mind you, I’m highly cerebral, thus what may mean “wallop” to you may mean something else entirely, from my OWN perspective). He earns his keep in midget tossing contests, and usually wins because while quite buff, he’s also a lightweight. At least, that’s how he garnered a wage before the pandemic struck. Nowadays, he’s testing driverless cars for Uber, and playing a clown for children’s birthday parties via a remote conferencing app called “Zoom.”

like that f*ggot who tried to rape me when I was 14.

Most men who rape their own gender are actually heterosexual. It’s more a force of power over others, than a sexual thing. And the urge for such control is far more common in the heterosexual male, than in the homosexual, or even the bisexual.

But I really think that people in MY community know what I look like.

Much to their abhorrence, no doubt. And I say this as a tactical maneuver. Check!

So, I will ask yet again.

You just lost two brindlepawns for attempting a move that failed the first time around. Woo-hoo!

WHY did you and Alvin, two mentally ill homosexuals who do not live in Mendocino county decide to take over our LOCAL Mendocino county list serve ?

I’ll just ignore the “mentally ill” pejorative to give you my answer: we both have friends who live up there, whom we value highly. Alvin USED to live there for some time, while I have visited only twice. But the sole reason I’m on this list, is because I was INVITED to join by a very DEAR friend who resides there, and has for over three decades.

What is your political agenda ?

To cross all the way over to the other side of the board and lock you up in the Invisible Fortress.

Just now got off work so sorry for the delay in response but I don’t start until 10AM tomorrow.

I’m glad you hold down a steady job in these terribly unstable times…for many millions upon millions of decent, loving people have been shoved into a dark hole of poverty and its consequential state of misery and existential anxiety of the worst sort. A growing number of whom are now homeless, or WILL become so in a very short time from now. I pray you may keep your job, Mr. Kozlowski, and your loved ones as well. Who I’m sure are many. How do I know this? Well, I just discovered yesterday you are a friend on MY good friend’s Facebook account. And this person ONLY is surrounded by most excellent human beings. But I had already come to realize your TRUE nature (which is kind) several days before this providential discovery. I’m also glad that your present vocation allows you to spend some recreational time on the Internet, including inviting us all to play one of the most brilliant psychological board games ever devised: “Battle of the Bodhisattvas.” The only thing I can compare it to is a cross between “Go” and “chess,” with a bit of “Chutes & Ladders” tossed in.

You truly are a fascinating case study of mental illness.

Thank you. However, it is only an illness according to a vulgar and ignorant society that yet has much to learn on how to care for its own people who are left out in the cold in any number of hateful ways. Simply because they are “different,” and can’t fulfill the stern expectations of a status quo that reflects a level of psychopathy on a par with Vlad the Impaler. On those grounds alone, one is perfectly justified in rebelling (he may even feel morally OBLIGATED to rebel) against it by choosing to live off a government stipend as a form of dissent. Indeed, one may even go so far as to justify robbing banks, rich people’s homes, and/or hacking into databases of large, greedy corporations, mega-churches and certain gov’t agencies including the military, to funnel these disgustingly gained profits into their own account, as well as redistributing it into the accounts of the low income and the poor. In fact:

Such is the plan I’m setting up right now, via my now-globally-expansive hacker army of loyal soldiers and compatriots…but that is a discussion better suited to secret plotting through protected channels of communique, rather than on a publicly naked listserv. Please don’t report me to the authorities, I beg of you! Actually, I don’t care one whit if you do, because at this point in my extraordinary mission to propel this planet into a higher state of being, I have countless allies who’ve infiltrated all levels of gov’t up to the highest. And they monitor EVERYthing I do in cyberspace, including whatever I post, and whatever is posted TO me. They also have a vast network of pro-Zeke agents to closely observe the online interactions of ALL netizens associated with me in one way or another (even if tangentially, via word of mouth). This, of course, includes YOU and anyone else on this list, and on the announcement list as well.

Or, if said folks do not HAVE a bank account (and many don’t), converting this digital cash into REAL hard currency and distributing it to those most in need. And/or purchasing FOR them, the basic things they require to live a decent life. Such as food, clothing, medical care, computers, smartphones and Internet service, vehicles including large vans and travel trailers, professionally forged passports and other ID, higher education and/or trade school…and even housing, including tiny homes and an acre or two of land on which to put several of them per plot, as multilevel structures. Also (since man does not live by bread alone): frequent exposure to (or even participation in) artistic/social adventures from a wide variety of venues such as theater, art and science museums, open air orchestra, chess and Go and other cerebrally competitive sports, storytelling and spoken-word open mic events, charitable causes, community gatherings for any number of good and friendly reasons, nonviolent and cooperative sport and exercise clubs, and so on.

But let us now set aside any rebellious justification for living on the dole, and now address OTHER, less controversial, reasons to do so. For there are also those who are not psychologically equipped to fulfill the status quo, and never will be…due to their unique physiological or cognitive makeup. In a truly SANE world, none of this would ever BE a problem, for they’d be lovingly incorporated into their community with opportunity aplenty for meaningful labor and social interaction. In the case of those who are declared “mentally disabled” (as am I), there is a greater prejudice against them than those who are physically compromised, due to the often invisible nature of their malady. Thus, they are summarily accused as being freeloaders by ignorant minds…which prejudice unfortunately spills over into gov’t policy and, as a result, leads to egregious neglect, poverty and persecution of these long-suffering souls. In short: they are treated as third-class citizens and pariahs. This is actually due to a phenomenon called “scapegoating” that wells up from the collective unconsciousness, and manifests in any number of ways, including aforesaid social stigma and gov’t policy. And is one of the dark manifestations of humanity throughout the ages, that must PROMPTLY be tackled and overcome if we are to have ANY hope of surviving into the future for more than a few brief years from now.

I am one of the lucky ones, Mr. Kozlowski (and thank you for bearing with me so long, as it is quite a challenge for me to unravel in as concisely yet thoroughly a fashion as possible, my rebuttal to your accusation that I am ripping off society by not holding down a job, any job, which you incorrectly insist I can EASILY do; but that really is NOT the case at all…believe me, I’ve tried). As I said, I’m one of the lucky few…and that is because I’m BORDERLINE schizophrenic/bipolar, rather than full-blown or somewhere in between. I have been able to fully recover on my own, without any use of dangerous medications, or getting sucked into the web of psychiatric abuse, experimentation and manipulation. Studying Carl Jung’s theory of archetypes, mostly through his greatest disciple’s explaining this theory in layman’s terms in both a colorful and entertaining fashion. That disciple is Joseph Campbell, who passed away in 1987, leaving behind an incredible legacy of healing insight.

Highly creative people are more prone to schizophrenia than those who aren’t. There is something of the GENIUS in these types, and I think that what is labeled schizophrenia may very well be a kind of sixth sense. Which is actually a GIFT, not a curse or illness. It is only an insane society that would fear and scorn my kind, who were condemned as witches, sorcerers and servants of the devil in times past. Gay people are also more intelligent and creative than their hetero counterparts, thus likewise fall victim to social stigmatization of the most horrid sort. And it is just these kind of people (MY kind of people) who harbor a certain percentage of their ilk who cannot POSSIBLY function in the day-to-day world of the job market. They simply do not possess the thick skin, the robotic, submissive behavior required to maintain a functioning existence in the “normal” realm of employment. And that is where gov’t assistance comes in…or SHOULD come in. Sadly, far too often it is impossible to obtain for many of them, only because their so-called “disability” is invisible, and they lack any real advocate such as an attorney or social worker who is expert in standing up for the rights of those so disenfranchised through no fault of their own.

Once this stipend fell into my lap YEARS ago (1975), I recognized my good fortune and sought ways to find meaning in this life, and give back to society in a manner befitting yours truly. So over the years I have focused on writing and social causes, including volunteer work both through organizations and on my own, as a freelance street activist. The Great Barrister in the Sky has passed final judgment on my behalf, and the payoff is tremendous…both towards myself, and towards the benefit of humanity at large. My tales are beautiful, extraordinary, inspiring and enlightening…and will be a tremendous boon to MANY people of all walks of life (not just to gays and the homeless, though surely they shall profit, as well). THIS is how I give back to the world, for the years it’s granted me a reasonably stable life, even though I was incapable of holding down a job to “earn my own way,” as you like to say. And I claim that, were our society more compassionate, it would NOT make seeking a leg up to keep a roof over your head, food in your belly, and friends in your life, so goddamn difficult or nigh impossible! How many brilliant minds, inventions and achievements have been tossed to the wayside, thanks to a hostile world?

I really have NO idea how I’ve made it through to the other side. But one thing I’ve learned about recovering from such an excruciating, seemingly unending curse is that once you recover (IF you do recover; there is no guarantee) your strength and spirit of heart, mind and soul is BOUNDLESS. Just as Carl Jung concluded, and Joseph Campbell so well expounded upon in his televised series about what he calls “the hero’s quest.” In fact, his biggest bestseller book is entitled: “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” About which you may learn a bit more, here:

The gist being, and which Jung first proposed, is that overcoming great odds over a long stretch of your life (and schizophrenia indeed is a “great-odds” maker) is the path of a hero. The many struggles and challenges you go through to get there, are metaphorically equivalent to slaying dragons. In conclusion, Mr. Kozlowski, I assure you:

I shall be MOST effective in making this a saner, better world by a long shot…through the squid that flows from my pen, and the mayflies that take wing off my tongue. All because I was NOT compelled to join the world of worker drones, but free to discover my own way through this very messy, turd soaked reality. But hey, they were dragon turds, and surely that counts for something! How many millions could I get on eBay?

Most sincerely,

Eugenio Franceso Damiano Catalano
(Prince of the Mafia in the greater northeast region of America, and several states further south)

Re: [MCN-Announce]- Checkmate, Mr. Kozlowski (part 2)
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Karen Jeeters
Date: December 31, 2020 11:12 AM

Bravo! Well played…

Why thank you so much, Karen! I spent the entire day composing this piece, and I could never call it a waste of time. In fact, it’s going up on my WordPress blog tonight or tomorrow…with all names changed so I won’t wind up drawing the “You’ve just been sued!” card from the deck. The Battle of Bodhisattvas rages on! Today, January 1, 2021, marks the very first day of a sweet golden age for humanity. Happy Nude Ear to you and everyone you hold dear! To paraphrase the Mary Tyler Moore Show’s theme song: “We’re gonna make it after all!”


Re: [MCN-Discussion]- Checkmate, Mr. Kozlowski (part 2)
From Zeke Krahlin
To: Discussion MCN
Date: December 31, 2020 2:44 AM

On Thu, 31 Dec 2020 18:02:33 -0800 Fred BODHISATTVA McMillon posted:

Do you think I or ANYONE is going to read that?

Yes, yes I do, Mr. Kozlowski. YOU’VE read it, and that means more to me in the world, even if no one else has perused my remarkable discourse with a very Buddhist spin to it. But more than likely, MANY on this list (along with the announcement clique, ’cause I’ve also posted it there) have read it, and are so inspired by the contents therein, are at this very moment sharing it across cyberspace, to as many online venues they can think of. Why, I’ve even made it EASY for them, since it is now my latest blog entry, where they can just email or post it as a link! Here it is again:

In addition, anyone can click on one or more of the “share” buttons below that mini-opus, and send it off to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so forth. You get the idea.

You’re INSANE !!!!

If this is insanity, I wish it upon the entire planet. Thus I command, thus it be so.

Go take a walk. See if you can find a nice young n*gger boy to take back to your tax paid dwelling.

Sorry, oh respected opponent, but you have played that card too many times to make a move for the next six rounds. Again, I declare “Checkmate!” Don’t you see you’ve already lost, eighteen moves ago? News flash: you CAN’T trump your opponent, by ACTING like Trump!

“The Battle of the Bodhisattvas” may be an open-ended board game, but no matter which strategy you attempt from here on forward, you can NOT win…not ever. Oh well, this is boring me now, but since I regard you as a most worthy opponent, and a game well played, I’ll keep on making my moves until it finally dawns on you that the only possible outcome at this point, is you lose and I win.

WHAT is your obsession with me?

Aha! You just forfeited another brindlepawn…you only have four left.

WHY did you and your fellow insane f*ggot f*ck buddy Alvin take over our LOCAL list serve?

Oops, TWO more brindlepawns sacrificed: one because I already answered that question more than sufficiently, and another because needless or inappropriate vulgarity comes at a cost.

This is NOT YOUR COMMUNITY. You DO NOT live here. NO ONE cares about your gay world.

There go your remaining brindlepawns, Gerard. And you know as well as I do, that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to be the victor with zero brindlepawns! Nevertheless:

Your decision to toss the “Sore loser!” card onto the board face up, is a perfectly legal one to make, albeit optional and NEVER played by True Masters. It is, however, one frequently executed by neophyte bodhisattvas as the ultimate form of respect to the victorious Rabbit Prince…in that behaving so childishly is the highest sign of honor shown towards their better…the deepest act of humility possible in that context.

I must excuse my presence from your world for the nonce, as the more basic matter of breaking my fast so late past noon calls me to do just that.

  • Eugenio Francesco Damiano Catalano
    (The Chief Mafia Don’s Only Son, and Most Beloved is He, by the Godfather Supreme!)

Re: [MCN-Discussion]- Checkmate, Mr. Kozlowski (part 2)
From Zeke Krahlin
To: Discussion MCN
Date: January 1, 2021 9:18 AM

On Thu, 31 Dec 2020 21:33:40 -0800 Fred BODHISATTVA McMillon posted:

I don’t read your rants. I see, I delete.

Perfectly fine with me. It’s a legitimate move, but one which only serves to increase the perils against your frontline defense, and further empowers THREE of my Loyal Rottweilerkins. Plus you forfeit any move for the next eight rounds. You have already humbled yourself MORE than enough for my taste. AND my patience! This actually borders on obsequiousness on your part. I may be a GREAT bodhisattva, but certainly not THAT great. Unless, of course, you see more in me than I see in myself. Ergo:

Compliment accepted. I see no point in rejecting it, or any gain in so doing. I already own the entire board and then some, so: no harm, no foul. Arf, arf!

Your friend,

  • Zeke

Re: [MCN-Discussion]- Why us Aaron Cooper ?
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Discussion MCN
Date: January 1, 2021 5:55 PM

On Thu, 31 Dec 2020 18:31:16 -0800 Fred BODHISDATTVA McMillon posted:

Neither of them live in Mendocino, but have taken over our local list serve and have chosen you and I as a catharsis for their frustration and mental illness.

Your attempt to manipulate Mr. Cooper into working with you may or may not pay off, Gerard. Each player is permitted to play just ONE “Dirty Card” per game, though should never be used except as a last resort. Even then, it’s a treacherous ploy that has at least a 70 percent chance of backfiring…and casts a dark shadow over anyone who participates in it if requested to do so, and agrees. Furthermore:

Neither of us has “taken over our local list serve,” nor are you and Cooper a catharsis for us, for ANY reason. No one’s falling for it, as both you and Aaron are the REAL trolls who’ve either been:

1) pumping the regressive right wing agenda into this mailing list, as is Mr. Cooper’s style of gameplay, or

2) spewing rabidly hateful, Nazi type propaganda peppered with expletives that are highly bigoted, especially against LGBTs and people of color. But also women, Jews and the poor.

So of course you’d draw the attention and wrath of SOME who have the guts to speak out against BOTH of you. This is not a carthartic move, but one which calls us to war against the dragons who have broken through the gates of our realm. Indeed, it is YOU who’ve taken over this list, thanks to your incessant rants of vitriol day after day and month after month. SOMEthing will stop the both of you dead in your tracks…and I have a strong sense that it will come down very soon. I just have no idea HOW it will occur. But oh, what a great victory that shall be!

Have a theory ? I would love to hear it.

There is no theory to speculate upon, only the taking up of arms in cyberspace, to staunch the bleeding of many souls you and Cooper have impacted. Your days are numbered, as are your game pieces. But I DO have to thank you for one thing, Mr. Kozlowski:

That each and every time you post back to me, you also repost the entire body of the very writings that irk you no end. And for that, I thank you from the bottom of my widdle heart. Surely if you hated them so much, you’d take that special little effort to delete them from your replies. Don’t tell me you don’t know how to do that, because if you ever ask me to help you with this, I’ll tell you you’re barking up the wrong tree!

Peace be with you my brother, and to your hesistant ally, Aaron Cooper a.k.a. “Helicopter Man.”

Re: [MCN-Discussion]- Here is my political agenda, Mr. McMillon…
From: Gerard McMillon
To: Discussion MCN
Date: January 1, 2021 6:38 PM

On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 10:18 PM Zeke Krahlin wrote:

…since you keep squawking that question like a parrot, under your Fred McMillon sock puppet pseudonym:


WHAT THE F*CK is your OBSESSION with me ?

WHY are you CYBERSTALKING me !!!!

I do NOT READ what you write.

I have MUCH better things to do than have exchange ideas or care about what some mentally ill, homosexual PERVERT thinks.

You DISGUST me. You are no different than that f*ggot who tried to rape me when I was 14 with your young negro boys.


Find another object for your obsessive/compulsive STALKING behaviour.

Zapping Zachary

April 8, 2015

1 April 2015

Dear Zachary,

On March 31 2015 around 6:30 PM you stalked and harassed me; I have a witness. (I also have a reliable witness to when your housemate almost slammed me to the concrete on Hartford Street back in January 2013, FYI.) You even kicked my foot, and hollered “watch where you’re walking!” I tried to explain to you what’s really going on, but you kept screaming and drowned me out. Before I proceed with any further explanation, you need to be warned:

If you ever stalk and scream at me again, and don’t back off after my first warning, I will pepper spray you, and have you arrested. Now, the explanation:

Larkin is using you, which is very unkind…seeing as you have generously provided him with a nice roof over his head for a really good price. It strikes me as outrageous that he put you in the middle of our arguments…but which shows me he doesn’t really care about you. Approx’ly one week ago as I walked by Twin Peaks Tavern (where you both were present), he suddenly started feigning giving you a blow job, knowing I’d witness the scenario. If he really appreciated your compassionate friendship, he’d never do that. I am neither upset nor jealous of his antics, yet it seems to me he’d find some other way to press my buttons instead of using you for his patsy.

Let me emphasize now, how good a person you are, for providing My Devilish Dragon with a friendly domicile and trusting friendship. I am not suggesting you evict him, or turn on him with hatred. But what I am saying, is that you need to confront him regarding his crude antics. In fact, it’s quite possible that his continued erotic demonstrations may get him kicked out of Twin Peaks. Seeing as bars in the Castro are frequented by conservative queers and straight tourists…unlike bars South of Market, where gay-renegade interplay is far more robust and diabolical. And that is where we first met (Hole in the Wall Saloon, to be exact). It is sad to me that he must clip his mischievous wings in order to adapt to the somewhat-Puritanical crowd in these Castro bars.

While I demand justice for the wrongs Larkin has committed, I do take the Buddhist stance, in that one must always find a loving solution to all conflicts. It is therefore a most complex situation for me to achieve justice that is a win-win situation for all persons involved. Obviously, that now includes you as well as Larkin. For this reason, I invite you to open a dialog with me, that does not include any harassments, threats, assaults or false accusations on your part. We can do this by phone, email, or in person…or all three (whatever works for you).

Larkin’s backstabbing against me, a good friend, still has me worried that he may be suffering a malady affecting his thought processes, such as a brain tumor or early onset Alzheimer’s. You are of course, blinded by his extraordinary good looks and charisma, as are many people who are lucky enough to enjoy his company. Yet these very same gifts empower him to take advantage of any situation, even if his motivations are selfish or diabolical.

Your crude harassment towards me on 31 March may very well be the first time you’ve had the chance to be a bully to someone else…considering your small build and slight stature. As someone who is likewise diminutive, I can surely appreciate the temptation to finally wield a strong fist upon another. But I urge you to forego such an ego trap and reconsider my difficult situation.

For Larkin’s friendship is a great boon in my life…and which he has clearly acknowledged back in May 2014 when he approached me and declared: “Our friendship, our being brought together, is an incredible godsend!” As for your strange accusation that I am instructing my street friends to injure or threaten him:

That is a total falsehood. Have you witnessed such an encounter, or are you naively going by whatever slander Larkin has placed in your ears? Seeing as the several homeless amigos with whom I’ve discussed Larkin, was with great patience and respect towards him. I’ve told them that Larkin is just putting me through my paces (an initiation of sorts), and that they are to keep calm, not interfere, and let the process play through.

To one of my street buddies, Mikey, (some time last year) I even said, while pointing Larkin out at Twin Peaks Tavern:

“This is Larkin, the best friend I have ever known. If I am ever in trouble, or disappeared, please go to him and let him know.”

Yet you, in your foolish brainwashing by said housemate, assumed I was setting up Larkin for revenge. Thus you ran out of the bar to give me a piece of your mind…which mind, I might add, was totally stewed in an alcoholic brew.

While I did beg some of my street buddies to talk some sense into Larkin, I did not in any way, shape or form, encourage them to harass him. Otherwise, I have no idea what you’re talking about. You need to prove your claims with solid evidence. Yet I’m afraid that all your accusations would turn out to be deemed perjury in a court of law. Which would land you in the clinker for several months or longer.

I also want you to be aware that my conflict with Larkin is a civil suit…certainty not something for 911 to respond to. In fact, Larkin is wasting the SFPD’s valuable time by forcing them to respond to a conflict which is totally nonviolent. Furthermore: your willful participation in such skulduggery will only gain you a black mark by our Peace Keepers here in the Castro, causing you to be less than appreciated by those who lay their lives on the line each and every day. Which may result in them not responding to your call should you ever truly find yourself in jeopardy.

If your foolish housemate believes he has a legitimate gripe against me, he needs to contact an attorney and proceed with a civil suit against me. Which suit, I assure you, I will win in short shrift. For I have done nothing wrong, and have only defended my right to stroll my neighborhood of more than 30 years in relative safety.

So the ball is now in your court: if you continue to be Larkin’s puppet and harass me or spread wicked gossip against yours truly, you will have to accept the unfortunate circumstances of my victory. For I have more documentation against Larkin’s abuses than you could ever shake a stick at.

Good luck with your abusive roommate.

Most sincerely,

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

Kalmykia: Europe’s Only Buddhist Republic

November 28, 2011

I thought I knew all the regions of Great Mother Russia since the USSR breakup, but maybe new ones are still being carved out? (As perhaps a newly minted form of tourist-money-generating scheme for their mafia? In which case–if they’re reading this now–please carve out your next “faux federation” to be not just Europe’s, but the world’s, first and only 100% gay region!)

I swear I’d lick your Kazakh boots and more than a few other pieces (they’re also renowned for their excellent chess players), if ya’ll did me that little bitty favor? I hear the figs and persimmons are sinfully sweet this time of year in Georgia.

A small part of Kalmykia touches the Caspian Sea in the northwest, but they are still a people of the steppes. I actually first learned about Kalymkia earlier today, in this YouTube flick created by our new-age communications’ stellar media outlet, “Russia Today” (26 minutes and 6 seconds of pure video enlightenment, guaranteed!):

But what most impresses me about Kalmykia, turns out to be completely ignored in the several articles that I’ve read thus far, nor is it mentioned in the video linked above. Which is this:

Its status as gateway to the Middle East, places an entire nation of Buddhists smack dab almost-in-the-heart of the planet’s most fiery cauldron of political upheaval and religious violence. I’d even go so far as to conjecture that the good folks of Kalmykia have more in common with their Middle Eastern neighbors, than their European ones! Culturally speaking.

Personally, I think having a Buddhist society looking over those Semitic shoulders from such neighborly close range, may indeed make a vital difference in achieving peace in our time. What do you think, how do you feel about this topic? Do you believe having a passel of devout Buddhists in a Middle Eastern corridor (possibly spilling over into a wider range of outreach in times of urgency), will make any difference towards ending war after war in the long run?

Now, read my latest Koan:

Ezekiel’s Latest Koan:

(If you don’t know what “Koan” means, look it up in Wikipedia. But for the moment, you may regard it as a Zen Buddhist spark-of-enlightenment mind game.)

There is no proof of God beyond the angels.

For if God is ultimately the composite of which everyone and everything is born…then we can only “see” him through these manifestations…so the angels are presumably closer to God than anything else we can think of. And that is powerful proof, I would say.

The problem here is that angels are also imaginary or mythological beings. So we must reduce the Koan down one level, to:

There is no proof of angels beyond their statues.

And there is no Koan beyond mine! :P


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